Dear Heather~ delivery receipt

Dear Heather,

This is a delivery receipt for Tesla’s antibiotics and ointment.  Thank you for dropping that off.  I immediately took her inside from the mailbox and applied it.  I guess since it’s “your fault” the medicine wasn’t sent, you get those little brownie points erased.

On the other hand, if you hadn’t taken the medicine out of Tesla’s bookbag, she would not have been treated while in her father’s care.  It’s a good thing you are there looking out for Tesla.

I’m sure you didn’t have a problem with delivering the medicine.  Just wondering why her dad didn’t take care of that.  He couldn’t be bothered with checking Tesla’s book bag.  Didn’t stop to drop off the medicine….is he really that busy?

Anyway, I got a little carried away.

Meds received.

If I have to have someone living in my house, with my future ex-husband and acting as step-mom to my daughter, I thank you Heather.  Let’s see how long you can stick it out with that Bull.

Best Wishes,



  1. Why would Douchebag drop it off when he’s got a servant to do all that for him? Not only is she a nanny, but she is also a Go Fer and a warm, dark hole for him to stick things into that even light can’t escape.

    Too soon?

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