Dear Dale~Man of Patience

Dear Dale,

I want to take a moment to thank you for your incredible patience.  You are the first man in my life who I feel truly supports me during tough times.

You have been called in court and testified on my behalf.  Your background was questioned.  You were put under a microscope and you passed the “good guy” test.  I commend you on your endless support during this very tough portion of my life.  The drama seems endless and the results have not been in my favor.

Oh well, we will figure it out.  You, me, Tesla and Ying.  Don’t count on Ying for much input.

Tesla is holding up pretty good so far.  She kept telling me she wanted to stay and I kept telling her she had to visit with her dad.  Sure, she comes back tonight and then I have her until Monday when we go to her dance practice.  Tess is already telling me she wants to go to school from my house.  I hope she continues to hold up well, be strong and talk to me.  Once the schedule starts, I am not sure how she will hold up.

She is going to miss us.  Yes, us.  She thinks you are great.  “Superdooper great” I believe she said.  I am going to miss her, but you know that already.  I cried earlier and you comforted me by phone.  I dried my tears.

You are such a supportive man, I am so thankful.  Thankful that you are in my life.  It was wonderful to meet your family.  We all have dysfunctional families….LOL  They were thrilled to see you and that tells me so much about your character!!

So I’ve been kinda bumming it today since Tesla left.  I need to do some homework and stop watching “Planet Green” an oddly fascinating tv channel.

You should be home soon and that will make me happy!

Love you lots!



  1. Awe so sweet…..yes I am glad u r with Pattie through all of this. She needs that support and love. I am glad u came into her life. I believe u r a great superdooper good guy too. 🙂

  2. Love goes on forever and I will be you so much…..

  3. Dale is awesome. I like him, which is saying something. 😉

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