Kick me while I’m down

Today I contacted Department of Welfare because there had been some screw up with Dale’s tax papers.  I informed them that I no longer had joint custody of Tesla.

As if things aren’t bad enough, I will now lose Tesla and my medical card (don’t worry, John already informed me he applied for Chip.  I’m sure he didn’t come up with that on his own) and we are no longer eligible for food stamps or free lunches.

I have no idea if this will impact me attending school.  I am SO frustrated with all that is going on.  Congratulations to John for managing to screw me over once again, along with getting majority custody.  I’m not boo-hooing, just floored at the decision of the courts to award custody to a man who has been putting off divorcing his wife because he doesn’t want to have to change ANY part of his life.

My life is completely turned upside down.  Not that he would care.  I realize now he never really cared about me.  It was all about him.

Crossing my fingers that things get better,



  1. keep your chin up Patty! Use can always use food banks regardless of your income. You may be down but you are not out 🙂

    • Food banks are for people that CANNOT work! Americans are not entitled to hand outs.

      • I never even mentioned food banks! Jeez read the post before you comment!

      • What an illiterate fool hiding behind an anonymous name. Food banks are for the people who are in situations where they cannot afford food. Dont you know how many people in this country CAN WORK but dont have jobs because of a concept called “economy” Look it up in the DICKionary idiot, you are just #4 and good thing you have lots of kids so Johns dick can get harder because he has more to control.

    • I’ll never be out as long as I’m still kicking! thank you~ ~P

  2. Actually that’s not true. Food banks are for the unemployed and underemployed. It’s not hard to sign up for your local food bank and it is VERY helpful when in need.

  3. I agree, the food bank is a good option for you. I use my local food bank unashamed and they are very nice, the food is good, and it helps when stretching dollars to make ends meet.

    Remember one fact: the judge did mention that custody can be changed, possibly as a little side note to you that once you have finished your degree and have a viable job that you should afford to reapply for majority custody.

    While at face value it appears to be a horrible outcome, in the end you will have your daughter and Douchebag can’t do a damn thing about it. Also note that while Douchebag and his screw on Douchenozzle think they have won, are probably gloating about it, and revel in screwing you over, you are actually attending an accredited institution of higher learning where one must actually know how to read and write in order to get one’s degree. You will be employed by a reputable employer making what you are worth while Little Miss Illiterate the Douchenozzle struggles for the same with her winning 2.20 GPA. I am sure most of her professors, if that is what they are called at wannabe institutions, after suffering through the majority of her written papers went out for drinks and celebrated the fact they didn’t have to interpret her papers into Big Girl Words. I would also mention that she might have achieved a higher, more impressive GPA if she was permitted to use interpretational dance instead of taking tests, quizzes, finals, and clinicals.

    I am willing to bet at least $15 that she has to take her nursing licensing exam at least three times before finally passing and becoming a mediocre RN. Of course, I’m also betting that she will probably cry after failing the second time, at which time I would be there to comfort her so I could collect her bitter tears of fail and make a wine from them that I would use to toast my successful graduation with a real degree.

    Just sayin’.

  4. You will get Tesla back when the divorce proceedings are done. John HAS to be revealed and should be in jail for tax fraud, no business, no home….no life HAHA to the ass wipe. You are strong, make sure it is all revealed or my profession as a tax preparer may have to put a flag on him.
    Also, I found health insurance in Lancaster Co. There is one in York Co called York Healthy Network and with your small income,you should qualify. I paid $20 to be enrolled until I find a job and get $10 office visits. No eye or dental though but it is worth it.
    Food banks are great resources and check out angel ministries for discounted food as well.
    Try to ignore John’s “flavor of this year”, she wont be around too long. He will look across a grocery aisle and find another……or if rumors are true, he may already did.
    It is hard but you be strong!!! Call me anytime, hugggsss

  5. Annette Melhorn says:

    Have to ask, Dale and Department of Welfare and taxes?

    • When Dale moved in, I reported to Dept of Welfare that he lived here. They requested copies of his taxes for the last 3 years. I dropped copies off and instead of going to my file, they were sent to his file. He receives social security because he was hit by a drunk driver when he was a teenager. I was just doing the proper reporting because I knew John would bring that up as an issue. He tried to keep Dale from being involved in Tesla and my life by claiming he had a criminal record. He didn’t and paid for the courthouse to print out the proof. Dale is a wonderful man. Ten times the man John could ever be.

  6. Pattie proud of you and your honesty with the living situation despite the consequences. I lost qualification for weatherization b/c Ryssa moved back a month ago :(. I dont get a dime from her but she makes more than I, so I lose any benefits. Lesson learned.
    Honest people will be rewarded, John is slime. The IRS will have their day with him!!

  7. I use for my prescriptions…great option since I’m not
    working… Its free…just go online and print card…

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