Smooth, Warm and Fuzzy

Let us all rejoice!!!

Today, the drop off and pick up of Tesla went without incident!

John wasn’t home this morning when I dropped Tesla off.  He had left at 7 a.m. to work on a moving job.  Tesla hopped out of the back of the car after giving me a kiss and hug.  Yes, the BACK seat of the car.  She begrudgingly sat in the rear after I told her it was a matter of her safety.  There was no signs of Heather outside and I was thrilled.

The pickup was just as smooth.  Heather wasn’t home that I could tell.  Tesla came out and immediately wanted to sit in the front.  John started in with “you have to sit in the back” before I could even get a word out.  I sent Tesla back into the house for her book bag.  I’m not sure why I have to ASK for her book bag, but I think it’s important that I get to look at the contents as John and Heather do.

Tesla and I stopped at Rutter’s to see her brother, Jarrid.  I got my birthday hug from Jarrid and he quizzed me on how school was going.  I find that very amusing.  I ran back out to the car and grabbed the two most recent issues of The Spartan.  He was proud of me for making the front page on both editions.  It makes me warm and fuzzy inside that my son is proud of me.

Now Tesla and I are kicked back on Dale’s couch.  Contrary to Heather’s beliefs, Dale has moved in and brought all his possessions with him.  Tesla and I have comforts now that we didn’t have before, such as a washer and dryer and a couch.  I went from having a camper mattress on the floor to having a KING SIZE bed again.  Heather sleeps on my old king size bed now.  Hope she doesn’t mind all that DNA that’s been left behind, obviously not all by me.

Well, my Spanish tutor has arrived and Tesla has a play date with Amanta.






  1. I like Dale. He is a sweet man and you deserve a sweet man. I’m glad your son is proud of you and I am also happy you didn’t have to deal with Little Miss Illiterate. Maybe she got the picture to butt out.

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