You’re on camera

Not a phone

I now have a Kodak weather resistant, high def video camera. (on loan to me)  From this point on, whenever an exchange of Tesla is taking place I will have this camera on record.  I realize this shouldn’t be necessary but I’ve found irrational behavior to be problematic during child exchange times.

Now I know recording someone without their knowledge is illegal.  This is basically to let Heather and John know I will have the video camera with me at all times.  If conversation is needed, it will be recorded.  It’s no secret that John and Heather read my blog daily, but to be on the safe side I will verbally inform John that I am carrying a video camera.

John has had some bad experiences with being caught on tape.

Bummer dude,



  1. it’s illegal if you do not have consent

  2. I’ve spent the past 40 minutes reading through the Consolidated Statutes of PA with regards to privacy in Title 18 § 7507.1, video recording and necessary consent — there is NOTHING stating that you must have consent to video tape someone (unless it’s for pornographic or voyeuristic reasons – then consent is necessary). It’s a well-known fact that you must have permission for audio.
    For your reading pleasure:

    Also…think about all the candid videos that have been used as evidence regarding negligent nannies, home robberies, accidents, arguments and fights, etc. Technically Pattie, you are documenting verbal abuse with the little video camera.
    If anyone protests this on the grounds of “private property,” when you are at YOUR house picking your daughter up, remind them it’s not private property, it’s YOUR property since your name is still on the paperwork
    If you’re not on your property, say you’re parked on the side of the road using the little camera, and you are approached and harangued, everyone is now on PUBLIC property and there is NOTHING protecting any kind of privacy of the individual when out in public.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. To add to Krispin’s research, I can also say that you do not have to go onto the property to get your daughter, but can stay right on the road, by the curb, unless we’re dealing with a long driveway, with the house being set far back from the curb. However, since you are still technically married to John, then it’s community property as far as the Commonwealth of PA is concerned. The other thing is that you are video taping for your own safety. From what you’ve told me, truth is that there have been lies told in court, which is perjury, and this little camera can help you prove that! You Go Girlfriend!

  4. Anonymous says:

    As long as the camera and recorder stay in your vehicle and not pointed at anyone……your vehicle is your property and if you “happen” to catch anything it is usable.

  5. LOL…..yeah he WAS….experimenting perhaps!!! That is one nice skeleton….HAPPY HALLOWEEN JOHNNY BOY

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