My leg is hungry

Now these are "starving legs"

It’s been a long day on campus and I am ready to hit the road.  Fall break has officially started!  Right now my head has a mild thump and if I don’t feed my leg soon, it will evolve into a full-blown headache.

Tesla coined that cute phrase, “my leg is hungry” about a month ago.  Its stuck in my head and whenever my stomach begins to growl I blame it on my empty leg.  If Tesla is really hungry she will say “both my legs are hungry” with a silly grin on her face.  She loves to crack me up with her silly sayings.

Do you and your child have any cute phrases that only the two of you understand?  Comment them to me and let everyone in on its cuteness 🙂

Walking on empty legs,



  1. Amanda and I have “conversations” where we go back and forth asking each other if we like different animals and insects. Amanda will say “mom do you like spiders?” I’ll respond, “ew, no I don’t like spiders. Do you like kangaroos?” Amanda will answer, “yeah, i like kangaroos…” or if she doesn’t like something (like crickets) she’ll say “ew, I don’t like crickets; they’re disgusting!”

  2. When both boys were little and id drop them off at blow them kisses as I walked say..catch em and put em in your pockets for later…they loved tryg to catch them and put them in their pockets…

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