I love my dog, you Heather…not so much

Heather, you get on my nerves. Thank God I am experienced at blocking out the annoying people.  I started practicing that in middle school, actively blocking out my father’s constant barking.

I don’t understand why you have to keep butting into my business.  If I’m not doing something correctly, the ONLY person who should say anything to me is my husband.  You know, that man you live with.  Have you become his mouth piece?  Anyone who knows John will vouch that he is a man who loves to talk.  He will blab away to anyone about anything.

So why is he all tongued-tied now?  Does he send you up to my car with instructions on what to say to me?  Do you do all the talking these days?  I know you do all the note writing as the errors make that clear.  You may actually write better than John though.  Scary thought….

Do me a favor, keep fixing up those flower beds and making my house look pretty.  That kind of stuff helps the house sell.  I’m willing to bet it’s your money being spent on this make-over.  Tammy Zech once redid the flower beds at my house.  Kelly Liek did too.  Kelly dropped about $10,000 into remodeling my house and what did she get for it?  Cheated on.  Neither the flowers or the girlfriends lastest very long.

We don’t need to speak.  If you MUST speak to me, do so when Tesla is not present.  For example, at gymnastics.  Last week you spent about half your time sitting with your daughter and the other half chatting it up with some dude.  You told him at the end of class it was nice talking to him.  I was sitting there the whole time, yet not once did you say “Pattie could we talk for a moment while the girls are practicing?”  The dude was good-looking, I agree.  I bet if John had been at gymnastics instead of playing ball, you wouldn’t have been so friendly with another man.  That is a big no-no.

Also, if you are going to call me a bitch, you should refer to me as The Bitch.

Tick Tock goes your clock,




  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I found out a long, long time ago the name Heather and the words worthless nosy good for nothing butting into everyone’s business bitch go hand in hand when I had my own custody battle. She was also the one who told me it would harm my son when I started traveling from college to college speaking about my own abuse story. How wrong we are. He is a well adjusted college student right now. This Heather was nothing but a worthless GOLD DIGGER who was waiting for her grandfather to pass away so she could have all his money. Must have been hard to pretend you loved someone so much older than you for so many years. But I regress to me. LOL

    Just ignore the little bitch. Soon she will learn her place, in the throw away pile with the other ex girlfriends.

    BTW I must be at a “lose” for words here at her spelling errors. Make sure you never ever loss the papers.

    • Anonymous says:

      BTW *her grandfather* should have said my son’s grandfather. Geesh, that’s what I get for not rereading what I wrote.

  2. Little Miss Illiterate occupies her time being subservient to a man who in all actuality is married to someone else probably because she’s a useless, unintelligent, baby machine that has to preoccupy herself with “something” since her soaps went off the air. She is a round-heeled idiot, tipping backward with legs spread wide because that’s the only role she knows how to take. She is irresponsible, barely able to cognate proper spelling and diction because she can’t flip through a dictionary, she might break a nail. She has problems properly parenting because she is a child herself, struggling to mature beyond high schooler mentality in a world where the reality around her may impinge on her self created surreality. She is an idiot savant, which is good for John because she’s able to be easily manipulated. She is also woefully ignorant, I would be surprised if she actually was able to read any anatomy books or her licensing test to become an RN if that is what she actually studied for, if what she did could be considered studying. I am sure she’s the type of heady student that would do whatever she needed to do to get that “A”, heady being an operative term. Don’t worry about her though, I am sure she will be too stupid to notice John is cheating on her as, well, once a cheater always a cheater. Not only are you above such trite games she plays, you are better than she will ever be and she knows that. Tesla, who has just entered school, is by far smarter than she will ever be, which she is jealous about. She also accepts “used” engagement rings due to her pitiful self esteem. All she really wants is to be just like you, so she has to hate you to get there. High schoolers do that kind of thing all the time. I’m most sure that John will use her and throw her away like he does to most women, because if she can’t respect herself no one will ever respect her. Know that you are far well above her and dealing with her on her level just brings you down several hundred I.Q. points and isn’t worth the brain bleed.

  3. Doesnt she notice how many outside “activities” she is running to all week long? Does she really think that John is where he claims? WE know better. LOL what a fool, watch her fall hard.

  4. Itz knot nise two poke fun of peeple that kant right oar reed guud..eye gotz huked on fonikz if

    Heather wunts too share¿

  5. Again, you need to have it set up that the exchange of Tesla is only between you and John. I would also see about having it set up at another neutral location. That has to be hard for you too to have to keep going back to “YOUR” house to see another biznitch living in it. Did I ever tell you the shrimp in the curtain rods story? lol

  6. Another Anonymous Friend says:

    Did you know that the name Heather comes from an English word meaning from small shrubs which commonly grow in rocky areas? I’m thinking things may be a little rocky on the other side LOL! I think you are correct that he may be fishing for his next victim!

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