Dear John XII



Dear John,

    We just spoke on the phone.  I’m impressed it didn’t turn into the usual screaming match.  Also impressive was you didn’t argue with me about Tesla talking to a counselor.  I’m concerned about how she is handling life in your home and it will be good for her to talk to a professional. 

   You and Heather are packing so much extra-curricular activities into her schedule it’s making my head swim.  When I tried to explain that perhaps there was just too much going on, you said “then we will just exclude Tesla from swimming lessons.”  I don’t want to have to exclude my child from anything, but can we keep in mind she just started school, she is still getting to know Heather and her children and there is SO much commuting put on me that I feel I don’t get my share of time with Tesla. 

    I hope this counseling appointment allows her the ability to tell a third-party what’s on her mind.  The girlfriends you have brought into her life come and go and it’s easy to confuse them.  Just like I told you, now and then I refer to Heather as “Kelly” by mistake and your response was “how can you do that?  She was like 4 girlfriends ago.”  That’s my point John….

   So I’ve agreed to the swimming lessons on Mondays for the next 10 weeks and there’s the gymnastics on Wednesdays for as long as Heather can afford to send four girls.  You said she’s paying for the children’s swimming lessons and next month you want to start horse-back riding lessons.  I feel that is to many extra-curricular activities.  According to Eastern School District, Tesla needs Title I help in school.  Perhaps an activity that will  compliment her lessons in school would be better suited. 

     Finally, I am not signing off on our house.  Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.  If you can’t afford to keep the house and settle up this divorce, that’s not my problem.  It’s also not my problem you didn’t finish high school and don’t feel you can get a job.  If the moving industry no longer allows you to afford such luxuries as a huge house, gas guzzling trucks and the desire to buy the best of everything, then it’s time to face the facts and sell the house.  I can’t afford it, you can’t afford and no bank is going to refinance it.  Why delay the inevitable?

Still the wife…sigh.




  1. There goes our tax paying dollars with Heather spending all this money on gymnastics, swimming and horseback riding lessons. Where is her son in all of these activities? Does she even have custody of him? How about staying at home and doing schoolwork with the kids……extracurriculum activities should not interfer with their schoolwork. I am hoping Tesla is getting the attention and learning support she needs to help her graduate high school unlike her dad. Hey John instead of jumping girls in and out of your bed, get your GED and get a job at McDonalds and pay your bills instead of us working class doing it for you and Heather you should be in your senior year shouldnt you….oh that’s right keep taking the first sesmester over to keep collecting your financial aid so us working stiffs cant have the luxury of better ourselves academically.

    • John did get his GED, if my memory serves me correctly. Actually, I know he did because I remember him sounding like he was bragging how successful he was even though he only had a GED.

  2. There is an article on the front page of the living section tonight discussing this 8 on the list..let kids be kids sums it up. My youngest refuses to sign up for sports etc..while I’m disappointed..I don’t sign him up to satisfy my needs. Maybe john is using tesla to make up for his short comings in life. Living vicariously thru her…hmmmm….

  3. As I have said last night, Tesla is four years old. When she is older and able to fully understand school and able to work well in school, then perhaps filling up her time on one activity or two would be sensible. This gymnastics, swimming, horseback riding and whatever else Little Miss Illiterate wants to stuff Tesla’s schedule with might be more plausible. Right now, gymnastics and counseling are enough for a four year old to take in, especially because she started school recently and needs time to absorb what she is learning there. It does seem to me, as Kristi and I were driving home it came to me, that Little Miss Illiterate wants to fill up her time to make it more difficult for you to spend quality time with your daughter. This action is typical of someone who is vying for control of a child in order to manipulate them into thinking they are the best parent. If I were you, I would note that with your lawyer.

    • Dale raised the same point and I agree, their desire to fill her schedule with activities takes from my quality time with her. Tesla is 5 now, just so we are all on the same age page. LOL It was a pleasure to meet you and see Kristi again. It’s been ages since Kristi visited at the Delauter mansion. 🙂 ~P.

  4. AmanTa is gonna start pre-school and learn the cello, play intramural volleyball, learn to draw 2-point perspective, get introduced to interpretive dance and get a yellow belt in karate this fall. JK haha But seriously…
    Teslas agenda with all those activities would be a lot for a child twice her age to take on in addition to school and regular homework. I am in total agreement with the other comments here — school comes first. Make sure she learns those essential things that will be the foundation for her entire education. The first few years of school are too important to be overshadowed by extracurriculars.

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