York Fair 2011

The York Fair  September 11, 2011

We had a wonderful time at the York Fair!  A special thank you to John for letting me have Tesla for half the day and an even bigger thank you to Dale for taking all of us.

Pictures range from the rides, including a little boy who only had tickets so I volunteered to stand beside him and SpongeBob on the carousel.  I didn’t want to see his dad have to waste 3 tickets to stand beside him while I had a wristband. 

I also took a picture of the back of a man’s head.  He was watching his son get thrown off the mechanical bull, meanwhile I was transfixed by the rolls of fat on the back of his head.  Is there an exercise to improve fathead rolls?

My mom entered a Christening gown she crocheted and took third place…GO MOM!  There were hundreds of pictures and paintings.  I was quite taken by Deb Lentz’s underwater acrylic painting.  It took first place and I’m curious if she would be interested in selling it.

We had a great day and only got a little sunburn.  Just as we pulled out of the fair gates, it started to rain.

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Once we arrived home the sun broke through and we saw God’s work of art.

Carnies are scary,



  1. Awesome pics Pattie i also got a pic of that same rainbow i was in littlestown at a get together at my old friend Rick Caswell’s house, who is the lady with you’s she doesn’t look old enough to be you mom so it must be your sister.

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