What do people do with photographs?

In this digital age, many pictures are never printed out onto paper.   There are digital photo frames that scroll through your photos making printed copies unnecessary.  I favor pictures you can hold in your hand or pass on to friends and family.  I enjoy scrapbooking and framing photos also.

What do people do with photographs of their ex-spouse?

The past three days I’ve spent much of my time sitting on my broken lazy-boy chair seeking relief from my back pain.  Just a few minutes ago I was glancing at the collage of photos hanging on my wall.  I recalled my friend Kym who helped me move exclaiming “you have pictures of him on your wall!?” and I responded, “well, he is the father of my child.”

There are many pictures of John through out my house and even more in my scrapbooks.  Tesla enjoys paging through my photo albums and commenting on the pictures.  She gets especially excited when she sees pictures of her brothers and calls them “my Jarrid and Zeffie.”  She came across pictures of our family vacation on Hilton Head Island and pointed out a photo of John and I smiling for the camera.  “Look Mommy, you and Daddy were happy!”  Yes, there were happy times and I’m thankful some were caught on camera.

I haven’t removed photos of John from any of the multi-picture frames.  There is even a picture of John’s dad, a man I never met, in one of the collages.  I see no need to try to eliminate photos of Tesla’s father.  It’s not like that will make John not exist.  I have no intentions of ripping photos in half or burning my wedding album.  These pictures are snapshots of our history and I want Tesla to have access to them.  To remove them seems wrong and in my opinion would show a negative attitude to Tesla.

Does it bother me to see John’s face?  Nope.  I’d rather see a photo than see him in person!

My personal favorite

Just a Kodak moment,



  1. There is a need and a great desire to ask John to give Pattie a divorce!If he is the one who filed for it, then set her free.Both couples are in new lives,I as well as Pattie are “secure” enough to move on.there are many great times ahead.I guess I am whiny for wanting my girlfriend to be completely happy.I do my best to make that possible.she is a great mother,a true friend,a real person,very down to earth. that is a few of the reasons that I am drawn to her.Why am I telling the world you may ask? Because I feel as though I am the luckiest guy in the world to have such a person in my life.

    I Love you

  2. Another Anonymous Friend says:

    Just wanted to say that you should update your information on Dover’s Class of 1989 website. You still have info that reads like you are still happily married but everyone here know’s that is not true. You need to put a nice new description of your current life on there. I’ve been waiting for you to write something new on your blog. I’m missing it!

    Have a good day.

    Obviously I am an old high school friend. The class of 89 ruled!!

    • Wow….thank you for letting me know. I no longer have access to the email address I used to set up my profile. Once I get that taken care of I will make the changes to my class report profile.

      Class of 89….we are fine! LOL

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