What a pain in my back

This is day three of severe back pain.  I don’t know what the heck I did to throw my back out.  I’d blame it on sleeping on a camper mattress on my bedroom floor but wouldn’t my back start to hurt sooner?

It’s amazing what the human body can tolerate.  As a teenager my friend Bret Fadely ran over my leg with his Chevy Nova one snowy night while we were out with the youth group Christmas caroling.  His parents rushed me to the hospital for x-rays and believe it or not, nothing was broken.  Other than some bruising from the tire, I was not hurt. 

I rode horses often and had my share of getting thrown from their backs.  I don’t mean just falling off.  Three times that I can think of were at a full gallop.  No severe injuries from any of the falls.  I credit all the milk I drink, building up the strength of my bones.  🙂

Once while leaning over in the shower to shave my right leg, I threw my neck out and had to go to the doctor to have an adjustment.  Yes, that’s the truth.  Throw me from horses, run me over with a muscle car and I am made of steel!  Shave my legs to conform with what is expected of women and my neck goes out of joint!

Seeing the doctor tomorrow morning,



  1. Another Anonymous Friend says:

    Your little stories make me laugh. I look forward to reading your blog daily. If you don’t post something daily I am really disappointed!

    • Awwww you’re so sweet! I do try to write daily as i testified in court. John’s lawyer tried to make it sound like I was neglecting Tesla by blogging daily. I can rip off a two or three hundred word blog in a matter of minutes. Maybe his attorney has problems with her writing skills….
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Glad to see you can go to get good care.

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