90 days

The more I think about losing the contempt hearing over not giving 90 days notice of moving, the more it pisses me off. 

Yes, I have moved quite a bit since the split between John and I.  Not by my choice, but at times, you have to do what you have to do to survive.

When I moved from East York back to the marital home I didn’t give notice.  John didn’t give me notice he was moving to a townhouse with his girlfriend Kelly.  He wouldn’t even give me the address.

After Judge Ness evicted Tesla and I from my house I wasn’t given 90 days notice to move.  I moved across the street for two weeks and didn’t give 90 days notice.

Moving from Newcomer Road to my parents in Dover, I didn’t give 90 days notice.  John didn’t say a word about Tesla and I living in my parents basement for over a year.

It wasn’t until I moved from my parents to the West York cabin that suddenly 90 days notice became so important.  Also the dampness of the basement was suddenly an issue.  I blogged several times about my parents basement flooding but not once did John show any concerns about Tesla and I suffering any health problems.  http://girlboxer1970.com/2011/03/06/floodits-really-coming-down/

The only time that 90 days notice became important was when John was desperate to find me in contempt of court in some fashion in order to have a judge grant him permission to start Tesla in kindergarden from our house address.

Talk about grasping at straws!  Talk about using the bad situation you put your wife in to your advantage!  It just makes me sick!

No notice needed cause I won’t be moving anytime soon,




  1. Of course, one who manipulates the courts to get what he gets is usually going to use other methods of bringing to bear witness that he is blameless and you are not. What a real man. How very sexy.

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