Dear Heather V

Just an example...Not Kelly or Heather's ring

Dear Heather,

Hi!  Though we didn’t talk when I picked up Tesla at gymnastics, I couldn’t help but notice the hand-me-down ring was missing from your finger.  Even though it’s none of my business, I would love to know why you’re not wearing it anymore.  I have a few guesses.

1.  You didn’t know it was a left-over and now you are very embarrassed to be seen wearing it.

2. You lost weight and it doesn’t fit.

3. Someone stole it.

4.  You gained weight and it doesn’t fit.

5. It’s lost.

6. It’s been traded in at Gordon’s Jewelers and your new one is being sized.

7. You no longer want to be engaged to my husband.

8. You did know it was a hand-me-down, but now that everyone else knows, you are too embarrassed to wear it.

These are just my guesses of course.  Remember, it’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,



  1. Anonymous says:

    yes I knew y kelly and john broke up. Yes I knew it was a hand me down…i suggested a gum ball ring. My amazing man suggested we trade it in I refused! And bought him a 2000.00 ring because I knew it would be meaningful to him and me. My wedding band if we marry will be yellow diamonds…more my style (but that’s just dream land …i don’t like wearing rings!!!!) and that would be a waste of money. Since you are so ‘wondering’ I work at a hospital and cannot wear rings, sorry to disapoint you but John and I are fine. I was wondering what was so pressing you didn’t come see ur daughter on ur custidy night do gymnastic? I mean since we are asking questions and all.

    • Wow….$2k wasted on a ring for John. IF you marry? I wasn’t concerned if you and John were fine or not….just curious about the Kelly/Heather ring. You wouldn’t happen to have seen my wedding band and engagement ring floating around my house would you? I’d love to pawn that sucker!

      I was at gymnastics but since I can’t see anything Tesla is doing anyway, I chose to set in my car. I somehow injured my back (if you didn’t read that blog) and the chairs at the gym suck.

      So why DID John and Kelly break up?

    • “Amazing” and “man” in the same sentence referring to John is a misnomer.

      Just sayin’.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking to forward to hearing Heather’s response to the break up. Hummm… guess our taxpaying $$$ paid for “his ” new ring. Last I knew clinicals are a learning experience.
    If we marry….. maybe love isn’t as blind!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lets guess….. Chief poop wiper!!!! At “home” and at “work”!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Really!?? Seriously Pattie just grow up! This is ridiculous! Why are you so concerned about your ex’s new girl, and where her ring is?? If John was that awful to you then really you should be happy to be rid of him! I know that your daughter is not old enough to read this bullshit now, but someday she will be and when she finds it, and realizes just how ridiculous you are do you really think she’ll choose to live with her mom!?? I don’t! Oh and making fun of Heather for being in Clinicals, AND working really just makes you look like more of an ass! Why don’t you focus on writing something worthwhile and stop putting other people down! Focus on yourself and your own problems instead of John and Heather and what you THINK their problems are! Did it ever occur to you that maybe Heather LIKES being with the kids!?? Oh and at least when John is leaving Tess it is because he is going to a job, and not the local bar! Yea Pattie I know you. Have for a long time and well dear somethings will just NEVER change! You managed to leave alot out of your life story girlfriend! Maybe someday you’ll decide to be truthful with the world. . . AND yourself!

    • I will be happy. It’s just taking forever to get that divorce. John’s problems are my problems because we are still married. I’m glad Heather likes kids….since she is in my daughters life. As far as suggesting I go to local bars….you just don’t know me as well as you think. I don’t know what Heather’s clinicals are all about. Good for her, she has a job. When I graduate, I will get a job. If you don’t like my blog, don’t read it. Then you don’t have to judge me as you clearly are…anonymously at that.

    • And YES, I do believe Tesla will want to live with me.

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