Yearbook to Facebook visits 1989: Bailey, Harlacker and Hitt

This edition didn't exist in 1989

There are so many friends I want to blog about!  I’m doing this randomly through the pages of 1986-1989 Dover Highschool yearbooks!

First on the list is Lori Bailey.  Her married name is Lori Mitzel.

Those big hair days

Lori (or as I called her, Lolla) wrote this:

Easy to scan then retype 🙂

Lori also wrote and drew in my journals from Creative Writing class with Mrs. Ney.  Here is some of Lori’s adorable sketches:

Lori doodles in my journalDoodles more...

Dear Lori,

We had some awesome times in highschool.  We laughed more than we cried and shared secrets daily.  Typing class was fun with you there!  Those typewriters were such dinosaurs!  I’ll never forget our canoeing trip with Mike King.  I wish I could find the picture of you canoeing, but it’s still packed up somewhere.  I bet if I look there is a picture of you attending my wedding to Gary Bonawitz.  It would be awesome to get together with our journals and stories!

Laptop only.. no typewriter,



Second on the list is Tracy Harlacker.  She doesn’t seem to have a Facebook page, or is hiding.  Haha!

Shout it girl!

Tracy writes in my 1988 yearbook:


   Hey, only one more crazy year!  Yea!  How did we make it this far?  Lunch was great, you never failed to make it interesting, gross, thrilling, fun, etc. and sometimes all at once!  I’m so glad we had some good long talks.  We’ve got to have more of them.  You’ve helped me through some depressing times; Thanks!  You know you can talk to me whenever and believe it or not I’ll understand!!! 

Keep your bright smile and humor and they’ll take you places.  Remember the musicals and the cast parties (or should I remember them?!?)  Anyway, Best Wishes for a bright successful future and a fun Senior year.  May God hold you in the palm of His Hand!


Tracy 🙂

Ever so helpful during the musicals


We DID have some great times in highschool!!  The musicals were the bomb!  The after play parties where so harmless (well, for the most part) and you were so uptight!  You always had one eye on me to make sure I wasn’t too flirty with someone.  LOL  Not terribly long ago I talked to your mom.  I think I have your e-mail and if not, I can get it.  I know your Momma!  Makes it easy!  Your family was so much more civilized than mine.  Hanging out at your house made life simple.  We talked about what we wanted to do with our lives.  I don’t recall what my heart was set on, but you wanted to be a truck driver.  You know what I thought?

This chick is nuts…..a truck driver?  Ok, maybe I didn’t think you were nuts, but I DID think you could be doing something other than driving a truck for a living.  You were smart and funny, pretty and outgoing.  You believed in God and followed the Ten Commandments much better than I.  🙂  I am thinking you probably are not driving trucks these days.  What are you doing Tracy?!

Still picking my frizz,


Wrapping up this blog is Laura Hitt.  She writes many memories in my yearbook:

She took a whole page!

Birthday sleep over

Dear Laura,

We have so many memories!  Just glancing through my journals I came across quotes by you or about you.  All of them are pretty funny!

“I dreamed Mr. Wynegar’s girlfriend tried to kill me.”  ~Laura

Geez Laura….you think that might be due to all our lusting back in the day?  ~Pattie

“I told Neal how you told Laura off yesterday and he said I wanna meet this girl.” ~Jodie Fisher

Guess I was mad at you that day…~Pattie

“So why is everyone being a bitch to me today?” ~Laura  “I don’t know, Laura” ~Pattie

And I still don’t…or don’t remember.

Remember my birthday and running down to my Aunt Jane and Uncle Ken’s house in the middle of the night?  Ken came out and yelled I think, and we laughed.  I have pictures of us hanging out in the basement with Megan McIlvaine.  I see you’re living in NC, guess you won’t be stopping by my new place!

Hitt me with your best shot,


This concludes my ongoing obsession with writing about highschool.  Coming up:

Jodie Fisher  Megan McIlvaine and Phil Grim

She is SOOO looking forward to my blog

Love the 80's outfits Kym and Meg

The pussies like him


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