Birthdays, boobs and blogs

Cake and boobs...oh yeah


October 9th 1970 was my birth day.  Big deal, everyone has a birthday.  In 2004 my dear friends, Shar, Tera and Angel had a little party for me at Altland’s Ranch.  The Ranch is a gay/lesbian/bi bar out in the sticks.  John met my friends that night for the first time.  He remembers Shar telling him “he better not hurt me.”  Nice thought there Shar….

I had fun that night dancing with my friends.  Having a few drinks, laughing and eating.  The birthday cake had a shark on it.  It was so cool!  Tera didn’t make it out dancing but she sent the cake with Shar.  Shar almost set the bar on fire when all the candles were lite. 

Dancing and drinking, getting naughty on the dance floor with Angel.  John had an eyeful of us girls getting our dance on.  Now this is a party: girls, cake, naughty dancing, feeding cake to each other….A night I will never forget, and neither did John.


October 9, 2008  I haven’t been out with my friends from 4 years ago, since that night.  My 34th birthday was the last night of freedom I had.  I no longer talked to Shar, Angel, Tera because I wasn’t permitted to.  My birthday in 2008 gave me two special surprise gifts.  My darling puppy, Ying was born and my not so darling husband forgot it was my birthday.

John forgot my birthday and tried to make up for it by picking up a generic cake at Giant on the way home from his appointments.  I wasn’t surprised he forgot, his mind seemed elsewhere all day long.  We ate the generic cake while he apologized for letting my birthday slip his mind.  He was just so busy with work, estimates, appointments.

It wasn’t until December 2008 I found out why he was SO busy he forgot my birthday two months earlier.  He had an appointment at his lawyer’s office, to file for divorce.  Wow, I was SO pissed when he threw the divorce papers at me.  My eyes bugged out when I saw the date he signed the papers.  I guess he was taking his sweet time, since my birthday, to tell me he even filed. 

Yes, 2008 had its ups and downs.  The Giant cake was not fresh at 10pm on October 9, 2008 and that sucks.  On the good side, my hairless, Chinese Crested, Ying, was born sometime that day in Texas.  He is a wonderful guard dog.  The best gift I got that day, a complete surprise….a chance for freedom to celebrate my birthdays with whomever I want!!


  1. d r wolf says:

    my daughter was born on October 9 1999 happy birthday pattie and kayla

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