Middle class Ass


Lady of Liberty

Exciting school homework!  So I am exaggerating, but this type of assignment is better than most.  I have to write a fictional character from 19th Century England (1800-1850) and document the “middle-class” persona.  Three other people, in my history group also have to write a character.  The entire rest of the class is “working class” and then we will debate.  Talk about uneven debate teams!!  So here it goes….

My name is Johanna Sofia Madison-Seaton  and I live in Elberfeld, England.*   I am the owner of Mechanical Weaving Mill.*  I am 29 years old, mother of 3 and a widow.  My husband William Seaton, died from tuberculosis when the children were young.*  I have been educated since childhood and inherited my wealth and property prior to meeting William.* 

I have no interest in remarrying but instead dedicate my time to my children’s studies and teaching them the responsibilities of carrying on our name.  I have assistance from our nanny, who also helps with the house-keeping of my modest 3 bedroom home.  We are well off compared to those in the city, living near the mill.  We have running water, indoor plumbing and a wood stove to keep us warm and to cook on.  We are blessed.

In the city, people don’t even try to clean up after themselves.  Trash is thrown out the windows onto the walkways.  The gutters are always running with water to wash away the sewage.  Often, people dump raw sewage from a chamber pot out the window into the walkway.  Dreadful, disgusting creatures, they are.  They make no effort to educate themselves or their young, who run wild in the streets  Often beggars of all ages line the wall outside my factory.  My brother claims he chases anyone away who won’t go inside to work.

While I am the proprietor of a weaving mill, I hired on family to tend to the daily running of the operation.  The income from the mill and my inheritance comfortably support my family.  I have great concern for children without homes.  A portion of my income is set aside.*  These funds are to support children made orphans by yellow fever, black plague and other diseases.  I plan to also open an art studio and gallery on my home property, to teach art to gifted students that may never have a chance to learn.*

My point of view is “women are imperfect workers'” in factories and I do not hire them for that reason.*  Their responsibilities are at home.  Women should not be giving birth while working in a factory.  My desire for women is to education themselves and their children.  To have a safe place to study and worship.*

Ok, good enough for now.  The * will be endnotes for my works cited page. This is a work in progress and not due until next week. ~P

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