Bisexual in middle school

I’ve know for a long time now.  I’m bisexual.  No one gets worked up anymore when I talk about women just like I talk about men.  My family and friends all know.  It’s been forever since acting on my bisexuality, but that’s neither here nor there.

Around 8th grade I made the shocking discovery.  I was walking down the hall and JR was infront of me.  I was checking out her ass without even realizing it and thinking “Damn, her ass looks great in those Jordache jeans.”  We’re talking about the 80’s now.  I adored her from a distance I guess you could say.  Always had a “thing” for JR even though I NEVER would have told anyone.

She was so pretty and just an all around nice person.  Even with being beautiful she was never the “stuck up bitch” that high school girls can be.  We would say hi in the halls and if I dared I would sit at a lunch table, just near her.  She had no idea I was fascinated with her and I have no idea why I was.  It didn’t matter of course.  At that age, hormones are out of control.  Mine were obviously confusing but I think I figured it all out since my schools days.

JR was my first girl crush but not my last.  I had a relationship with a woman for 2 and a half years.  Other than having children with my husbands, my most meaningful relationship was with a woman.  I’m not ashamed of that fact, nor do I ever hide it.  I am a diverse person and hope to be accepted in my diversity.  If not, tough shit.  I really don’t care what you think.  HAHAHA!

(Wonder if this person, JR, will ever read this blog…)



  1. d r wolf says:

    i wonder if JR will ever know it is her???? i know who it is…. lol what were you thinking all of those nights i spent the night???? lmao wait idk if i want to know the answer…..ok yes i do ….love ya

    • I guess if she reads my blog. LOL You don’t want to pick my brain girl. I ran into my Chris, my cousin asked me if you and I ever….I said “No, sorry I couldn’t make your day.” I’m sure you remember Chris..

  2. The forum is a brighter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

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