Dear Heather~Trick or Treat!

Dear Heather,

Your absence was noticeable tonight.  Sad your children miss out on trick or treating in their own neighborhood because you can’t handle my presence.  It’s ok though.  John called me Heather and everything!  It’s almost like you were there in spirit.  I told him he really needs to work on getting his woman’s names right.  I found it wildly amusing, but I’m sure you won’t.

Don’t worry, we didn’t stay out late having a good time without you.  Though you not being there made it so much easier to flirt with each other when Tesla and Blaine went to peoples doors.  Heck even our friends at Pizza Town thought John and I were still together.  We did look like one happy little family.  Damn we are good at fooling people…guess that was our little trick of the night.

Someday he might be over me.  But I doubt it.   Expect my presence every year…if you’re still in the picture.

Happy Halloween!



  1. Missus Tribble says:

    Wow. If she’s that paranoid about you they can’t have a very solid foundation!

  2. I’m sure your point was to make her jealous but it comes off as immature of you to gloat over the little scraps of attention you’re getting from your ex. I mean, she does live with him right? And I’m sure laughing it up with the mother of his children makes dealing with her easier than if shes angry with him. Plus, I’m sure hes aware you are more than willing to flirt back and eagerly await a chance to do so….So you can go and blog about it apparently. I wish the best to ALL of you. Thanks for letting me chime in on your post.

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