Writer’s Memo

Writer’s Memo:

I love to write and do so almost daily in my blog.  My subjects range from college essays, being a mom, divorce, and life in general.  I have short stories, poems and photographs on my blog and try to make each entry unique and engaging.  Most people don’t realize how deep my faith in God runs.  I don’t push my beliefs on people, nor do I bark about them in person.  But on my blog I am free to express myself however I would like.  I show no fear on my blog and let no comments upset me.  God and I are tight and I am keeping it that way.

My biggest struggle is to continue focusing on the present when I think the future will be ending soon.  The borrowing money for student loans, making holiday plans and especially dates in the year 2013 are frustrating.  I don’t want to or expect to be earth bound after December 21st 2012.  My friends poke fun at me.  So do my sons, now both adults.  Jokes aimed at my religious beliefs are just their way of giving me a “hard time.”  I don’t get upset or mad.  I just laugh along with them.  How can I laugh when they are making fun of me?  Easy.  If I’m wrong, I continue with life on December 22nd.  If I’m right, I’m in Heaven with my maker testing out my new wings.  I’ve always wanted to fly.


(Virtual Sinning isn’t Cheap Advanced Composition Assignment)



  1. That is an interesting way to look at the future, however, I believe it is based on incorrect information. There is no evidence that the Mayans knew when the world would end. I have been to Mayan ruins and I found their knowledge of the sky enlightening. They were able to predict the placement of the sun so well that each year at the equinox the shadow of the sun looked like a snake going up or down the side of the pyramid. That, and the fact that they sacrificed humans, convinced me that they don’t know God. If they don’t know God, then they don’t prophesy. Only God knows when the end will come, and I believe Christians who are living now will be in heaven by then. So relax and enjoy every day, but be like the ant and plan for the future. Whether or earth or in heaven, the future looks bright.

    • Thank you for your comment! I also was at the Mayan ruins and it was the most amazing trip I ever took. I’m a pretty relaxed person and I don’t get hung up on my beliefs. While I am looking forward to heaven, I am a busy woman here on earth. I’ve even registered for events in 2013! 🙂 ~P.

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