It is my birthday and here are my wishes

It’s been four long years since I’ve celebrated a birthday with my daughter and husband.  Since that can’t happen, here is my top 10 birthday requests:

1. Nice weather.  Doesn’t have to be perfect, just nice.

2. Find out the divorce John signed for four years ago is actually getting somewhere.

3. Simple day at classes.

4. Have a good day with Ying who turns for and shares a birthday with me.

5. Eat dinner at Red Lobster.

6. Go to the End of the World lecture at York College.

7. Look younger.

8. Grasp the meaning of life.

9. Avoid crabs of any species.

10. Have my cake and eat it too.

Not a bad wish list.  Not bad at all.  😉

Actually, let’s make the divorce process four years after him filing be #1.

Birthday freedom,


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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