Five Star Resort

The resort was gorgeous.   The suites were huge and we arrived by limo after exiting our plane.   The resort staff gathered our luggage and pushed it down the hall on a large cart.  Even the luggage was new except for one ratty bag filled with my old clothes.

We each had several suitcases and I was shocked to find my two were full of new clothing.  I don’t know where we were but obviously you expected us to be dressing like royalty.  You always liked picking out my clothes and when you said you had my mom help, I was really touched.  We hugged and kissed as people gathered into our suite.  The wine was flowing and our suite was filling up.  I slipped into the bedroom…

The blue sequined dress took my breath away.  I bragged to my mystery guest who appeared in the room that you and my mom surprised me with all these new clothes.  It was true, my ratty bag held very little that I could wear on such a splendid vacation.   I looked at the tags on the dress to see what size you had bought.  A size 12…oh God!  Would it fit?  It did and I radiated with beauty and happiness in excitement that I had forgotten you could bring to my life.

Where were we….where was your girlfriend?  It didn’t matter, you had swept me off my feet again and I fell back into your arms just like I had never left.  We had a drink with our guests and loaded our plates with expensive food from the immense buffet.  Lobster, crabs, steak and more…the smells were more intoxicating than the champagne I sipped.

A phone was ringing…where is the phone?   Who is calling while we get in the swing of our vacation?

Tesla was calling to say good morning and and to ask if grandma and grandpa were coming for grandparents day.  I rubbed my eyes, shaking off the sleepies and then I realized it was all a dream.

When I dream, I dream big.


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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