Dear John~mocking your child

Letters he nevers learn from

Dear John,

It’s been stressful for Tesla and I dealing with your drama.  Your self-centered desire to have the world rotate around you.  While I detest having to beg you to let me spend time with Tesla, I do it.  If I don’t ask and ask and ask, I would only see Tesla every other weekend.  Even my sons are appalled that you intentionally keep Tesla from seeing her mother….their mother.

Tonight Tesla said how nice it was that you took her to your softball game so she could see me.  I agreed with her because what else could my response have been?  You don’t want her and my visit to be considered you allowing us to see each other…but there is no other way to explain it.  The judge encouraged you to allow time for Tesla and I beyond the court order, you just want to forget that part.

I didn’t bring up how pissed off I am that you are still insisting on suing me for child support.  That I should be held responsible to support Tesla in the household.  Oh, and that Heather pays rent, or utilities or whatever.  I was just happy to be with Tesla.

Speaking of Heather, I’m sorry to hear of the loss in her family.  Before you showed your true colors to Tesla tonight, I had offered to help out if you needed me too.  Of course you have everything under control.  I didn’t ask why LaDonna was getting Tesla ready for school on Wednesday, but that makes sense now.  She is handy to fill in as the third mommy.  What’s her hourly rate as substitute mom?

Wrapping this up, I just want to point out for a second time what a douchebag move that was mocking Tesla (and me) when we said our goodbyes.  Tesla said “eight days” referring to how long she must wait to be with me and I repeated it back to her. We didn’t need your mocking in that high-pitch voice, “eight days! eight days!”  It just points out how pathetic and bitter you are that this little girl misses her mom.  When I told you not to mock her for missing me, you said you weren’t but news flash….YOU WERE.  I knew it and so did Tesla.  She crossed her arms and didn’t want you to touch her as you walked her to your truck.  I don’t blame her.

Shame on you ,John.  Shame on you.



  1. Missus Tribble says:

    Holy shit. How did this man get custody of your daughter when he’s obviously as interested in her needs and well-being as I am in watching paint dry? 😦

    • Because he managed to get me kicked out of our house and the judge felt Tesla should continue to live in the house. Even judges make bad decisions. ;-(

      • Missus Tribble says:

        That truly sucks. A partner did the same to me. Fortunately my son wasn’t his and lives with carers because of his autism, but being homeless certainly put a limit on how often I could spend time with him.

        If you ever attempt to get her back, please know that I’m right behind you waving pompoms in your corner x

      • Oh I will be trying. She reminds me every other weekend that she wants me to try. lol Eventually she will be able to say where she wants to live and then the tables will turn! Thanks Miss T!

  2. Dear Douchebag:

    Mocking your child and her mommy is not only shameful, but reflective that you are an emotionally abusing Douchebag. You worthless piece of shit, how could you do that to the daughter you supposedly love? As I said before to you and your Douchenozzle, right here in the comments, love to you is how much you can get out of it. You’re a pitiful sick fuck and don’t think for one minute Tesla is stupid and won’t remember that whining bullshit you just pulled. People like you don’t deserve to procreate because it doesn’t mean a damn thing to you. One day, when Tesla tells you to go fuck yourself, you can remember this moment and savor in the fact another victim of your love will set herself free. Like Kelly. Like Pattie. Like everyone else smart enough to know you are a worthless, degenerate piece of shit.

    No Love,

  3. Roll on the day Tesla gets her say in court xx

  4. Ass..complete ass

  5. the older son says:

    No comment. I don’t have words right now. I ditto every elses comments, much love for my sis and mom ❤ ..john get run over by ur moving trunk or somthing of that nature..

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