We’re Not Yams

What’s the difference between a yam and a sweet potato?

It is not the flesh.  Both vegetables have orange flesh inside.  That is the tricky part, flesh is on the inside, not the outside.

A yam is grown only in South America and it needs 300 days to reach harvest.

Sweet potatoes can be grown anywhere and take 120 to reach harvest.

If you think you’re buying yams and they’re not from South America, someone is pulling the potato over your eyes.

The Frey family is set up along Route 74 today and tomorrow (9-5pm) to celebrate this year’s sweet potato harvest.  Their potato tent is in the parking lot of The Brain Balance Center located at 2300 Carlisle Road, York, PA 17408.

The family is made up of the head potato, Larry, his wife Gwen, son Brett, daughter Lindsey and her husband, Jared.

The Frey family is from Wellsville, PA and has been in the sweet potato and sweet corn business for six years.  They like to stick to sweet foods as a hobby

Larry said, “Sweet potatoes are easy to grow.  They don’t need any chemicals or fertilizer.  We get our plants shipped in from North Carolina where the University of NC developed and patented the Covington species.  This breed grows to a nice size to use in making food.  My wife Gwen makes the sweet potato soup with her own recipe.”

I tried Gwen’s soup and it is delicious.  Also on the menu is fried sweets, baked sweets, sweet potato pie and raw potatoes to purchase in bulk.

Can’t make it to the sweet potato fest?
Give the Frey family a call at 717-432-2760




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