Dear John~Softball

Dear John,

I just didn’t have time to write yesterday.  See my life is really busy with school, homework and the like.  Though I planned on being at Tesla’s appointment no matter what.

I’m still shaking my head about that phone call you made to me.  Something about me coming to pick up Tesla, take her to the surgeon and then run her back to the house.  Oh that’s right….it’s coming back to me now.  You had softball and that’s so important you didn’t want to miss it.  Tesla’s appointment…eh, not so important huh?

I told Zeth you called me asking if I could pick up Tesla for her appointment.

Zeth said, “Let me guess….he has softball.”  I said yep and they didn’t have a coach.  Zeth’s response, “If he would have called you when he was playing softball she wouldn’t have a broken arm to start with.”

I don’t know if you moved practice up or just left early or what…..I don’t even care.  What comforts me is my daughter counting down the days until we are together again.

You asked if I will be able to make her appointment when they cut the cast off and remove the pins.  I certainly will make it.  The real question?

Will you?





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