History of Rock & Roll @ YCP

Ryan Hahn and Kevin Kroushour, both juniors, performed in The History of Rock & Roll class at York College of PA, introducing us to the acoustic and electric guitars.

Hahn is the guitarist and vocals of the five man group of all York College music majors.  Their band is Follow the Philosophy and can be heard on campus Tuesday and Wednesday nights practicing in Wolf Hall.  They currently do not have any gigs booked and are available to play at your business location or party celebration.

Hahn plays his Martin guitar

Hahn performed “Midnight Getaway” by Mike Sanchez.  He has been playing the guitar for 12 years and also plays the piano.  He recently submitted a song to a multinational music company.  The song,  called “Under Clear Blue Skies” was accepted it in three days.

The York based indie rock/pop band has played at Geneva Farms Bar & Grill and at the Relay for Life at York College.  They hope to perform again at the 2013 fundraiser.

Their website can be viewed here http://www.followthephilosophy.com/  and Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Follow-the-Philosophy/119583731443679 Don’t forget to Like their page!

Kroushour plays his Squier Strat

Kroushour performed “Everlong” by The FooFighters.  He has been playing guitar for five years.  When asked if he plays any other instruments he responded, “I fool around with the bass and drums, I know a tiny bit about saxophone and piano, and the steel drum.”

Kroushour is the lead guitarist and back-up vocals in a trio group called Count Down to Eternity.  They are based out of York Springs and began performing in 2011.  The rock/metal band’s Facebook page can be found here  http://www.facebook.com/CountdownToEternity.  Don’t forget to Like their page too!

If only all classes could be this interesting!



  1. Missus Tribble says:

    I want to go to a class like that!

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