Whos Shoes

When I picked up Tesla Friday at 5 pm, I had to beg John to talk sense into Heather who was refusing to let Tesla wear her sneakers for the weekend.

Why do I have to beg for Tesla to be allowed to wear her sneakers?  Why does Heather have to stand outside my house yelling at me to buy Tesla sneakers if I want her to wear sneakers?

Hey Heather, buy your own fucking house if you want one and get the hell out of mine!

Aren’t Tesla’s shoes, her shoes….or does Heather wear them on the weekends Tesla is with me?

John finally told Heather to let Tesla have her sneakers.  Since when is he the sensible one?

Heather is just John’s bitch…in so many ways.  It’s not like I have to actually write it for people to know this.  By her own actions she shows me, her own children and Tesla what a big, dramatic, bitch she is with all her assholery.

I asked many questions in this blog.  I don’t expect answers.

One, Two….buckle Tesla’s shoe.


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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