No abuse

The concern I had for the bruising on Tesla’s arms was genuine.  I asked her father what the bruises were from and he never answered.  That made me even more concerned.

I took the advice of a friend and went to Tesla’s school.  The nurse made a few notes and the following day (today) Child Services called and said they were going to talk to Tesla at school.

They called me back today to assure me that they don’t believe Tesla is being abused and Tesla said that her daddy took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon to have her arms checked and they were fine.

WTF!?  I ask and ask about Tesla’s bruises but get no answer.  Suddenly the school agrees there coud be some abuse going on and John rockets Tesla to the doctor’s office (without informing me as the custody order states) to “prove” Tesla is not being abused.

I should have known he would only be out to cover his ass.  I wasn’t looking to prove that “anyone” was abusing Tesla, I just wanted answers. 

The race to have a doctor declare Tesla’s bruised arms as a case of a rough-house girl makes me suspicious.  Her doctor said I am welcome to call and talk to him anytime about Tesla’s appointments, whether John informed me of the appointment or not.

Doc says at this point he doesn’t believe anyone is grabbing up Tesla, and that is a relief.

I just hope they are all correct. 



  1. I would just keep an eye on her

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