Dear Heather~I’m lovin’ it.

Dear Heather,

Trying to talk to you is a joke because you don’t make any sense.  Sorry to tell you, John still loves me.  I know you would like to think otherwise.  I thinks it’s a touch sweet that he still cares so deeply.  Don’t beat yourself up over Heather.  I might have been wife #2 but you are girlfriend…..hmmm #12 or so.  Maybe someday you can believe he loves you.  You claim I’m all about money…I’m all about ending this divorce with fairness.  I didn’t come into this marriage with John empty-handed.  So shut your mouth girlfriend….you only know what he tells you.  You really think he’s going to tell you anything that doesn’t make him sound good?!  Like he’s not going to tell you that he thought I looked cute on Easter.  That would crush you….

I don’t want to talk to you about Tesla’s clothes.  Her father should be supplying her clothes.  You don’t need to buy Tesla clothes.  If you want to pay for something, pay me some rent for living in my house.

I don’t know why you showed up for the last 5 minutes of soccer.  It was over…and when Tesla is upset and telling her father she wants to go with mother, don’t interupt Tesla to say, “You’re going home with us.  We are going to play games and have fun!”  You sound pathetic trying to cheer up a little girl who just wants more time with her mom.

As I have learned from many people, you can’t mind your own business.  Eventually I won’t have to deal with you.  Either when Tesla lives with me or John breaks up with you.  (or you find a reason to break up with him.  I don’t see that happening as you need my house to live in….)


  1. The only one with any SENSE! says:

    You all suck….all 3 of you, heather john and you as well pattie. Your all so worried whats in Tesla’s best interest yet you all are acting like vindictive children. It makes me sick the way all of your act and for some reason you act like your any better…not at all! All of you need to GROW UP!! Maybe Tesla should be taken from all of you until you can all stop acting like she is a pawn in a huge game your all playing. And really I fee bad for Dale..does he realize how many feelings you obviously still have for John? Or was it really the lifestyle he was able to provide to you that your so jealous that you lost? Time for all of you to do some self evaluating.

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