Easter Sunday~It wasn’t Jesus’ drama.

I signed the stupid paper stating John was allowing me to have Tesla from 4 PM on Easter Sunday until soccer tonight.  What I don’t understand is why Tesla couldn’t wear her Easter dress for pictures with Dale and I and then change clothes afterwards.  Nope, Heather said to “go buy your own dress for Tesla!”

The dress was a hand-me-down from one of Heather’s kids.  You know, the kids that are not to talk to me but still do and I have no control over it.

So, instead of just sharing the dress on Tesla’s behalf with everyone on Easter, Heather dressed Tesla in this.  Rabbit tail and all.

John said I have to talk to Heather about clothes.  No matter who I must talk to, why would you put that on Tesla and rubber band them to stay up?  TT wears a size 8….not 16-18.   I was so pissed…. Heather doesn’t want to write me a letter (unless maybe her lawyers do it for her) and doesn’t want a taped meeting.  Here is her message to me on John’s cell.  “when u would like to have a 2 way conversation.  u may call me on the home phone.  heather.”  What home phone Heather?  When I lived there it was 717-244-4949.  Do you consider the office number your home number now?  I don’t want to talk to you Heather, I want John to handle the things that have to do with Tesla.





  1. That’s nuts…and cruel

    • That’s the bs I deal with. Of course, it will get turned around or La will chime in that Tesla doesn’t have enough clothes…or she’s being starved or who knows what. I feel like the only sensible person in this love triangle of husband, wife and girlfriend. Soap Opera material here folks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is awful, how cruel to dress a child like that.

    • I don’t get Heather or John. Neither does Tesla. We just roll our eyes. She doesn’t remember where the pants came from and neither do I. BFD….why put them on her knowing I had been asking about what Tesla would have on for pictures. I have lots of pictures to post. It was a nice day and that’s what matter to her and I.
      thanks for your comment! ~P.


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