Seriously…you call me from my old office number?

 Wow…now here is excitement…Heather called.

She has started a lawsuit against me and began listing the reasons why she was going to sue me for everything that I have and didn’t care if I went broke (went broke? I am broke!)….I became bored hearing her voice and asked if she had this in writing…she replied a letter will be sent to your lawyer.  (now her lawyer is sending me letters to sue me for my half of my undecided divorce?) I hung up before she was done with the list.  I’d rather read it than listen to her voice go on and on and on.

WHY? I am talking to her kids.  Wait until she hears about soccer tonight then….tonight John told me I could let the girls come look at my cycle…this at Bria’s request.  She sat with Tesla and I during the drink breaks.  I didn’t make her move her drink.  She came and sat with us.  I could go on…better than fiction!

Wait ……….Is my half of the future divorce what Heather is seeking in a lawsuit?

This is non-fiction and it’s mine.  I can’t make this up!  I texted John to ask if he even knew she called…

Thank God I am a writer.

Thank God for my readers.




  1. Jennifer Bowers says:

    What could SHE possibly sue you for???? She is nucking futs!!!! Sounds like she absolutely deserves him

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh please Heather get over yourself. I think everyone that works and pays for you to live should sue you for stealing our hard earned money. Sick and tired of putting food on your table and clothes on your kids while your ass sits around and doesn’t work…..oh oopphs I forgot you are going to school…..that we are paying for. How many years does it take to get a nursing degree…aren’t you in your freshman
    year for the 6th time now?

  3. Her lawyer must be desperate for a case…

  4. Ah, there’s still some vinegar in the Douchenozzle. Her Nozzleness has to have more than just you talking to her children. Either that or she’s finally tossed the sandwiches out of the picnic basket. The best that can happen with this is that the judge can dress down for wasting precious court time with frivolous lawsuits. If your lawyer can stop laughing long enough to tell you what her prattle is about, I’m sure the Douchenozzle with be totally serious right up until the point the judge tears her ass off and hands it to her.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you should sue Heather for rent for all the time she’s lived in your house.

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