Dear John~You need to learn to communicate

Dear John,

No need to mince words here.  You SUCK at communicating.  I realize it’s probably because you never learned to communicate properly.  I know you at least went to Kindergarten so I really don’t see how you screwed learning communication up so badly.  Everyone knows you learn the most important things in Kindergarten.  I suggest you join Tesla’s class more often, not as a volunteer, but as a student.

Yesterday, Tesla was SO sick she couldn’t speak to me on the phone ALL day.  You refused to tell  me what her doctor said and what symptoms she was experiencing.  All you wanted to say was it was my fault she was sick even though I haven’t had Tesla in two weeks.

Today I had to call her SCHOOL to see if she was there.  What the hell is your problem with Tesla talking to me?  You couldn’t let her call this morning so I could hear her voice and find out how she is.  If she went back to school today, I promise she wasn’t sick with what I had.  Especially since I think mine was food poisoning.  (That’s not contagious)

Thank God I get Tesla back today.  She needs a break from her whiny father.




Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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