Communication Test

Can you hear me now?

How Pattie studies for Human Communication Test

Verbal Communication is: words (spoken, written or coded) in an attempt to communicate with others.

Some people just fucking suck at this.

Power in Communication is: the ability to influence or control the behaviors of another person.

Some people should never have power.

Legitimate power-when people believe you have a right-by virtue of your position-to influence or control others’ behaviors.  Examples of this power: employer, judge, manager or police officer.

It goes to their head.

Referent power-when others wish to be like you.  (a younger brother looking up to an older brother)

I looked up to my mother.

Reward power-when a person controls the rewards others want. Examples would be: money, promotion, jewelry, love, friendship, respect…

I know someone who likes to control the rewards.

Coercive power– when you have the ability to administer punishment to or remove rewards from others if they do not do as you wish.  Usually this power is in conjunction with Reward power.  Examples would be teachers, supervisors, spouses.

Way too many assholes have this type of power.

Expert power– when you have expertise knowledge on a subject.

More of this power is needed.

Information power (also called “persuasion power”)-when others see you as having the ability to communicate logically and persuasively.

I know some seriously persuasive people, one impeticular.

Power is not static; it can be increased or decreased depending on what someone does and doesn’t do.

I am learning how the written word can be used to communicate intimately and publicly.  Lol  The pen is mightier than the sword…

You can decrease or lose power.  The most common way to lose power is by unsuccessfully trying to control another’s behavior.  Example:  If you threaten to do something then fail to carry out your threat, most likely, you will lose power.

Threatened with divorce…where the hell is it?

You can lose power by allowing other to control you or take unfair advantage of you.  When you don’t confront these power tactics, you lose power.

I remember feeling that way.  I no longer feel that way because I’ve taken my power back!  Amazing what the power of knowledge is and how it makes you feel about yourself. 

Next chapter please,


Oh btw….The sentences in italics are my own thoughts, everything else is right out of Essentials of Human Communication by Joseph A. DeVito


  1. Excellent! You learned good.

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