Listen up stupid

My ears are on

Feel like no one listens to you?  Even been caught not listening?

How to enhance verbal communications skills:

Simplify your words, concepts and meanings.  Keep it simple stupid.

Get to the point.  Don’t we all know someone who can’t get to the damn point?

Effective Listening:

Find areas of interest.  Don’t tune out dry subjects but instead ask, “what’s in it for me?”

I try to find something interesting that the person next to me is yammering on about.

Judge content, not delivery.

Just because someone can’t speak for shit doesn’t mean they are stupid.  (There are exceptions)

Hold your fire.

Make sure you know what they are saying before you go off on someone.  (That kind of ruins the fun.)

Listen for ideas.  Now and then they come from people you never would expect.

Be flexible.  That’s a given.

Work at listening.  I knew that one….marriage counseling.

Resist distractions.  Damn, I love distractions.

Exercise your mind.  Does doing a crossword puzzle while on the stair climber count?

Keep your mind open.  If my mind gets any more open my brains will spill out.

Next Chapter: The Self and what I mean to me.


Bold print text taken directly from Effective Listening hand-out Jl.16, everything else is just my thought process.  🙂

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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