Dear John~ Thanks

Dear John,

Just a quick note for you today.  I know you will get it as Heather is right on top of my writing.

Thank you for calling this morning and letting me know in a reasonable amount of time that you would not be taking Tesla to gymnastics.  I don’t blame the kids for wanting to play in the snow over going to the gym.  I guess my only concern would be, “if they are all sick, why play outside in the cold?”

So the girls are all going to gymnastics on Monday and Wednesday.  I’ve already asked if I can spend some time with Tesla on at least one of those days.  I realize it’s not part of her schedule, put it should be.

Also I have the Valentine’s Day cards her and I made for her class.  I’ll send them with Tesla on Monday, for school on Tuesday.

Please, let’s really focus on what’s best for Tesla.  She needs to regularly see me and her blood-related family that will never change over her life.  I will treat you with respect if you can do the same for me.  That includes keeping your girlfriend on a short leash.  I appreciate what she does do for Tesla, but I don’t appreciate her desire to tell me what I can and can’t do.

Thank you,


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