What love gave me

Falling in love is so exciting!  Love makes you giddy and fogs up the brain in thinking clearly.

Thinking back, I realize just how fogged up I was after falling in love.

That love failed.  I don’t think failed is even an accurate word.

Imploded, exploded, fell apart, completely melted down….

All of it hurt me inside.  Even now, it hurts.

People can think what they want of me.

Call me an “attention whore” and make accusations that are just ridiculous.

I find it amusing that people “think” they know everything.


So, what did love get me?

My daughter.

I don’t need my future ex-husband.

I have hope my daughter and her father will have a good long-term relationship.

That all falls on him.  I loved him and that love meant nothing in the long run.

I gave chance after chance to work things out with professional help.

It’s a shame he doesn’t believe in counseling.  Had there been an attempt, perhaps it would have made a difference.


Just because he and I didn’t work out doesn’t mean I shouldn’t see what the love did give me.

My daughter.



Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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