Dear John~ What is your issue?

Dear John,

What is your issue?  Because I’m just not understanding why there are so many complications with the current joint custody arrangement.

Tomorrow we go to court and a judge will decide who has Tesla’s best interest in mind.

In the meantime, it seems as though Heather has just taken over in Tesla’s life.  Examples of this are easy to see.  Writing DAD inside Tesla’s clothes clearly came from Heather.  Heather frequently has Tesla while you are away, be it work, estimates, softball, etc.  Heather volunteered in Tesla’s room without so much as a word to me first.  She writes nasty notes on Tesla’s school papers.  If I don’t request Tesla’s book bag, no one sends it out with her.  I finally had to say something to Tesla’s teacher Ms. Dettinger because I wasn’t seeing anything Tesla did in school, her letter/word ring or her reading log.  So John, what do I find today?

After requesting her bookbag again, I find inside her reading log.

Could Heather try any harder to make me look bad?

Where is DAD’s signature anywhere on this paper?  What reason would the log need to be specified at “Dad’s House”?  If the log is Sept-Oct, why the hell haven’t I seen it in Tesla’s bookbag over the past two months?

I shouldn’t have your girlfriend drama to deal with.

Court tomorrow,



  1. I think you need to talk more with Tesla’s teacher and I think you need to take this to your lawyer like NOW.

  2. I agree….can’t wait to read tomorrows post

  3. Look at the bright side, the dumb B*T@H cant even follow the directions on the paper and initial or sign as instructed. Poor Tesla, but we know Heather is the one home so John can go cheat on her. Another grade or two, Tesla can teach Heather how to spell, no wait, she is on her way out the door and she dont even know it HAHA

  4. Doesnt anyone in “dad’s house ” know how to follow directions? No dates no signatures ???? Why does tesla’s name have to be on the paper 2 times? I swear some people……..

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