Ok Haters

I’ve taken a lotta flack for past posts about my father.  I’ve upset family and friends and why?  Because I write the truth.  That’s right, the truth.

Now, someone else knows the real Walt.  A nurse from Matrix Medical Insurance called my mom to check on how she was doing.  Walt took the phone to mom who was in her room.  He couldn’t just give her the phone….he had to yell and bitch through the whole process.  Kicking her bed and questioning her on “what doctor office is this” as he handed over the phone.

The nurse was shocked.  Yes, shocked that Walt was treating his wife this way with her on the phone.  This nurse told my mom she does not have to live her life being treated this way.  Today, the nurse showed up at my parents.  Walt was at the doctors himself and the nurse questioned “oh, it’s ok for him to go to the doctor?”

After having a conversation with Mom, the nurse told her she would be reporting how mom is treated to her supervisor.  My mom should not have lived the last 40 years of her life in fear of being screamed at.  Told she is stupid.  Treated as if her sickness and bad health is her own fault.

No one deserves that type of treatment.  Just as I realized my husband was just like my dad, my mom needs to realize her health will never improve living under such stress.  When my grandmother asked me when I thought my mother would ever get better I answered with, “Probably never if she continues to live with Dad.”  Nanny didn’t have any other questions after that one and moved on to the next table at my cousin Amanda’s wedding.

My auntie Jane and uncle Ken were sitting across from me.  They weren’t surprised when I told Nanny what I thought.  Auntie Jane doesn’t really talk to me anymore.  She, along with a few other people who are basically in denial, were just SO offended by this blog  http://girlboxer1970.com/2011/05/02/are-you-a-good-mom/  I wrote this the day Walt was ready to beat Blaine’s ass.  I don’t care whose feelings get hurt.  If you don’t live with Walt, you don’t know him.  This blog has the most comments ever.  Family…. down to people I didn’t know or they didn’t say.

Wait til Walt finds this out.  (not the blog, people…the actual investigation.)  Pray for  my mom.  She is very nervous, but it’s his mouth that’s the cause.

My mom is awesome,



  1. Yes mom is awesome!!!!! 1 of the best moms. Even to me and I am not hers. Lol. It is about time an outside person sees walt for what he is /does/says. I hope everything works out for mom.

    • If any one, other then my brothers and sister would know how he is…..it would be you Dawn. Love ya like a sister! ~P.

      • i went back and read the post about “being a good mom”….well i figured i would write my response to that here. First for the ppl who replied and do not know the family need to keep their judgemental comments to themselves. and for the family who replied..unless you spent more then a couple hours at a time at the crider house you do not know how it was/is. so there should be NO anger towards pattie for her feelings. and if writing on here helps her vent or just feel better then let her blog about what ever she wants (unless it is about me lol) i have spent many many many days and nights in the crider home and i can say from experience that when the kids would run cuz walt pulled in there has to be a reason. (even other kids not just his) he might not be the worse dad ever but he did and still does have a poor way of expressing himself. pattie and sue moved back because of mom not cuz walt said ok. and what dad locks his bedroom door at all times, doesnt let his wife sleep in that room, and gives his kids (adult kids) a day notice to get out with no place to go for them and their kids. i do agree some times a butt beat might be what is needed but to be afraid of everything little thing you do is going to get the paddle is just down right wrong…..just my input
        love ya pattie sue and mom….

  2. No one should ever live with abuse and the people who ignore it are as guilty as the abuser. Good for you speaking up, Pattie!

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