OK! Tell me already

Here's your chance for a preview

Here’s your chance.  What do you want me to write about?  Fiction (ToadLicker), non-fiction (Beaver Hole)…..school stories The Spartan stuff, divorce (ughh drama), kid story (Telsa stuff), embarrassing friend stories (Spanish, art, Weiners??  short-stories, adult stories/poems, my own bizarre twisted thoughts without proof reading?

You tell me and I will write.  Or send me a question to answer.  Or a “first line of a story”

Hit me…I’m feeling creative.  Will credit suggestions unless you want to be unknown.  Why is that?

I may regret this,




  1. Patti….
    I enjoy reading most you everything that write. Your “dear John” letters are drama that I can see as a script for a sitcom/family drama. But they are written in a way that leave us wanting to know what happens next. I feel semi guilty reading them, like I’m peaking through the curtains, and then I remind myself that blogs are meant to be read. I think Tesla is fortunate that you are fighting for her. So… Tesla story, beginning with ” given limitless resources and no obligations, my ideal 24 hours with Tesla would involve…”

    • Maria….thank you for your comment. I sometimes feel like my life is a script for a drama. Usually drama I can’t even make up. When peaking through curtains, you never know what you might see. LOL

      I like the Tesla story idea! Keep you eyes open for “24 hours with Tesla”

  2. I’d like a blog about a day in the life of Ying. I read someone’s blog once and they attached a small camera to the collar of their cat and it took a picture every 3 minutes. It was amazing to see the world from the POV of a cat. Ying’s POV would be equally entertaining! 🙂

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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