You can make a baby

Tesla and I were in the kitchen and she noticed Heather’s volunteer name tag sticking on the freezer door.  I had pasted it there when it stuck to my fingers going through Tesla’s co-parent folder.   THAT is how I knew about Heather volunteering in Tesla’s room.  I didn’t expect Tesla to recognize what the name tag was, an error on my part.

Heather King  (new last name?)  Sept 1. 2010  9:10 AM  Destination:  Ms. Dettinger

Tesla said “You came to my class mom.” and I responded, “Yes, but not that day and that isn’t my tag.”  She said “Yes it is.”  I said, “No that was Heather’s tag when she came to help in your class.”  She immediately denied Heather being there and said, “no, it was you mom.”  I didn’t argue with her but said, “I’ll just throw it away ok?” and she nodded her head.

Suddenly told me I needed to go up to her room with her.  I asked why and she “we need to talk.”  My thought, this will be interesting…

So we went up and sat on her bed and she said, “I want you to have a baby.”

WHOA!  Where is that coming from?  My best guess is she was loving all the babies at the block party we attended yesterday here at the townhouses.  She was fascinated by me feeding the neighbor’s granddaughter a bottle.

I asked her if she liked the babies at the party and she said “yes” followed by “you have one!”

I told her, “I can’t have a baby.”  She retorted with “yes you can” tilting her head and raising her palms.

I said “It takes two people to make a baby, I can’t do it myself.”   She responded, “Yes you can, you made me.”

I supposed I could make a baby myself.  She doesn’t know this, but it took insemination at a fertility clinic to “make” her.

I replied, “Yes, but 50% of you came from Daddy.  Half of you was made by Daddy.”

She thought that over for a little bit and I half expected her to say “Dale can be the daddy” but she didn’t.  Instead she asked again, why I can’t have a baby and I replied with the truth.

“I’m too old.”  She seemed to accept that and I was off the hook.  We read a couple of books with her knowing many of the words.  I find it hard to believe she needs “Title 1” support.  What I really think is she needs more one on one with her mother, who loves to read and write.  She could quickly become gifted at reading if I had more time during the week to work with her.

So my daughter is trying to put ideas of babies in my head.  Who is supposedly influencing who here??  Honestly, I would love to have another baby, but I am old and financially, I can not support another child.  Though welfare would cover my medical costs and lots of other needs, I will not be taking advantage.  Also, I don’t want to get pregnant while I’m married to someone else.  At this point I have the most reliable form of birth control, an IUD.  That will keep me from getting pregnant until 2015!

No pregos,




  1. Nice. I would keep her away from babies until she forgets about all that!

    • Tesla gets that I can’t have babies anymore.; She’s over it already. LOL My cousin just had a baby, neighbors have babies…I babysit for friends. My get my dose of babies.

  2. the last you need to do is bring another innocent baby into this world. apparently the courts have some reason for taking a child away from her mother. i would like to hear johns side of the story also. courts dont take children away from their mothers unless there is a damn good reason!

    • No one is “taking” my child from me. It’s just the court deciding on custody arrangements. And I fully agree, I have no business bringing another child into the world and I have NO intentions of doing so.

    • People who are capable of the thought processes needed to parent usually are able to:

      1: Use “big girl” letters. (For the rest of us: Capitalize at the beginning of a sentence and a proper name..)
      2: Use that ‘ thingamabob. (For the rest of us: Properly use an apostrophe.)
      3: Mind my own business. (For the rest of us: Failure to involve themselves in other people’s personal affairs, advise without being asked, insert oneself in the life of someone who does not welcome such insertion, judge people by a biased personal gauge, to intentionally prod and horn in a manner to cause harm to a mistaken enemy, and teach their children how to hate someone because of their position in life.)
      4: Read and write. (For the rest of us: Read above the level of “My New Puppy”, use proper grammar and diction, and help their children properly learn how to do those things with the assistance of a schoolteacher and utilize literature to build knowledge upon.)
      5: Be a “big girl” by acting like one. (For the rest of us: Guide children by becoming a role model, make mature decisions and deduce what is appropriate and inappropriate for children in accordance with the child’s age and ability to understand; reject immature behavior in favor of being an adequate example of an adult; be responsible for one’s actions instead of blaming others, disabilities, and environmental factors; failure to need another person in order to complete their lives; are responsible and mature enough to understand adulthood responsibilities, such as one’s responsibility to raise children according to ability to afford for necessities and survival needs, one’s responsibility to provide for themselves, one’s responsibility to make fair decisions and informed decisions about life that are healthy and may effect others either positively or negatively, one’s responsibility to one’s self, the community and society; the ability to deduce right from wrong; and the maturity to effectively live one’s life with the knowledge that for every action there is a reaction, for every action there are consequences, and acceptance of consequences for one’s action.)

      Just sayin’.

  3. It makes me wonder if someone else (i.e. Heather) is trying to have a baby. It sounds like the discussion of Heather helping in Tesla’s classroom led to the ‘we need to talk’ conversation. Perhaps her little ears are overhearing discussions of another baby at Daddy’s household.

    • Heather was talking at the bus stop about babies. She told her dad I think it was, that she was pregnant even though her tubes are tied. That’s the only talk I know about and doesn’t sound like she will be getting pregnant either.

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