Art Sculpture Picks

For Art Class we are to choose multiple examples of sculpture that we find appealing.  I made my choices and would like to share them with you.  🙂

Artist: Ken Clark

Artist: Shiraz Yanir

Artist: Li Xiaofeng

Artist: Aaron Ristau

I viewed this collection when it was in Baltimore, MD.

Cadavers as art…..was amazing and didn’t even smell.

Artist: Itoh Hirotoshi South Africa

Artist: UnknownReminded me of all the vines growing in the woods at my parents.

Artist: Dale Chihuly

Reminded me of the glass sculptures in Atlantic City.

Artist: Barbara Gilhooly

This heart….makes me think of my heart.

Thanks for checking out my sculpture picks!

Art in many forms,



  1. I like Li Xiaofeng, too.

  2. They are so awesome I cant deceide which one I like the most…awesome pics my sista. Love you!!!

  3. Thank you for mentioning my work in your post. I made over a dozen of these hearts out of vintage erector sets. It seemed a fitting material to represent strength. All the best,

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