overwhelming response

Today was the first meeting for the York College newspaper, The Spartan.  Usually we meet in the Spartan newsroom to talk over upcoming events, assign articles and discuss what is “going down” on campus.  That was not the case today.

Mid-day we received an email directing us to Humanities room 218.  This is a large auditorium type room for lectures, visiting speakers etc.  The overwhelming response of new people interested in becoming involved in the college paper was fantastic!  The majority were freshmen, but there were newbies that are currently juniors and seniors as well.

We are all looking forward to publishing The Spartan for our fellow classmates, professors and campus staff.  I will also publish my articles on my blog site. (possibly other writers, with their permission)  Next Tuesday I am participating in a workshop offered by the York Daily Record for freelance writers looking to be published in York’s newspapers.  I have to miss half a day of school, but it will be worth it!

Soooooooo excited,


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