That Bonus Check

A few blogs back I mentioned John telling me I was getting a $600 “bonus check” towards my child support.  It irked me that he would say this in front of Tesla and make it sound like he was doing me a favor by paying on his arrears owed since 2009.

Today I got a letter from the Domestics Office stating the IRS made adjustments to John’s income tax return and $601.72 was deposited to my account.  This payment wasn’t voluntary as he made it sound to Tesla and I.  The government took it from him.

No wonder I don’t believe anything he says,




  1. He is a lying liar, which makes him a poor role model for Tesla.

  2. yeah some bonus check ha

  3. I cant wait till the IRS runs him through the coals. We know he hides his income. How else could he pay up the mortgage? Push for the divorce, I want to see his head turn red and maybe pop a vein or two!!! HAHAHA John Karma is a B*TCH

  4. Sucks that your an owner and could be held responsible as well. I’d wash my hands of the business for safety and be blessed to have nothing to do with it. To bad you cannot prove you are not a owner. Good luck

  5. Why would they give custody to him when he can’t even pay SUPPORT??? your lawyer needs to bring this up in court….TEAM PATTIE…yeah! 🙂 Min

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