Issues to be Addressed

The issues in question

So now the whole world can see what is being called into question concerning my daughter and which parent would best be suited to have majority custody.

1.  I have a years lease at my townhouse.  I am paying my rent with STUDENT LOANS.  Yes, that bites big time but, I have to do, what I have to do, to have a place to live.  The house I own is a bit full with the new family.
2. This one is concerning the “Happy Birthday John” blog and I’m sure they are going to point out some other ones.  I will be pointing out the remarks made by John’s girlfriend, Heather.  It’s a two-way street. 
3.YES, I think it should be taken into consideration that Tesla wants to live with her mom!
4.  Father’s schedule is flexible?  PLEASE…anyone who knows John and the moving business will tell you he can never plan anything because the business tends to screw things up daily.  Also, I would like to point out that it’s not JUST father’s company, it’s 50% mother’s also.  Not that I get paid for all my years of work put into this business.
5.  I can communicate just fine.  He only seems to be able to yell and degrade me, make me feel threatened and anxious.
6.Every little girl wants to live with their momma.
This document is available to the public so there is no reason I can’t share it on my blog.  My court date is October 24th and is open to the public.  Anyone interested is welcome to come check out the hearing. 
Courtroom 8,


  1. I am going with my wife to the doctor to have surgery on her knee that day, otherwise I would be there with bells on.

  2. I have been entertained, enlightened & angered by some of what U have written. Not necessarily by how U feel, but by the circumstances by which U have been made 2 live…by the system, as it were. I believe the ‘system’ fails more than it succeeds, unfortunately 4 many, but U R trying 2 do something positive with your use of the system. I applaud U & respect U 4 what U R trying 2 do….the right thing 4 your daughter (& yourself). Good luck & many blessings in your pursuit of happiness 4 U both. Affectionately, Patricia Starr, Port Charlotte, FL.

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