I began seriously blogging when I realized my husband just wasn’t going to go forward with the divorce he started in 2008.  I decided to “shut my mouth and write” to get the pent-up feelings out.  My therapist encouraged me to express how I felt through writing, so I ran with it.

Since beginning this blog through the guidance of my writing professor, I have shared many pieces of my life, ranging from short stories both fiction and non-fiction to college and my personal life dealing with divorce.  Some people have supported me, others have shot me down.  Either way, I enjoy sharing little slices of my life.

Tonight my blog hit 20,000 visits and I am thrilled to know that number of people read what I write.  It is every citizens right to have freedom of speech.  My freedom is being trampled on and put under a microscope because I write my opinion of my future ex-husband and his string of girlfriends.

Am I seriously concerned about what others think?  Uh, no.  Should writing my thoughts and opinions cause me to lose the joint custody of my daughter?  Uh, no.  My blog is my opinion and everyone gets to have an opinion.  People give their opinion on my writing, my life, my choices, my past and my future.  Even my husband’s girlfriend gives her opinion of me and I don’t bat an eye.  Why would I?  It’s just HER opinion.

I have broad shoulders and thick skin.  Bring it on!

Thank you for reading my blog.  I realize it is entertaining to others and I hope it is insightful and educational at the same time.

Laugh and cry with me,



  1. Pattie,
    I have only been tuning in lately since you found me up on Facebook not even sure I total remember you but we have some mutual facebook friends and all is good. Being a divorced dad of 3 for the Life of me I can not understand how the father of a child can let someone just coming into his life get involved with the Well being of his child or want to seem to be using the child as leverage. (granted I am getting your prospective of the situation). I have been told the relationship I have with my ex is very strange. but just because we stopped wanting to be together we knew there was no way our children would suffer from any of that. I read your blog and see the stress you are going through. I hope all works out for the best. I am not one to address many issue with out both sides but I do wish the best for all involved.
    one thing I would like to comment on and feel I have been given enough information to do so.
    Your daughter will make her own opinion of her father no matter what anyone else says or writes. even you. The decisions concerning your daughters arrangement’s and well being are between you and her father not his girlfriends or anyone else that is in his life. So you keep writing what you feel is worthy of sharing keeping all this bottled up inside is not healthy.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes


  2. I just realized you had a blog! I know you’ve been following mine for awhile, but I just realized I could read yours too! 🙂 This post is a good one. Hang in there. I wish you the best.

  3. You know, if you were there for the events, it’s not libel (or slander, if it’s offline) or even gossip – and I don’t see how anyone could believe that your telling of events that you witnessed or experienced were solely an attack on his/her character. That takes one hell of an ego.

    Since I have yet to see matters of national security come up on here, and nobody is any kind of celebrity, I doubt that any gag orders are forthcoming. I say carry on!

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