First Day of Kindergarten

She looks like her mama...even has my cowlick.

Tesla was off to school with only a small delay.  There was a tree down so the bus had to take an alternate route and didn’t pass by our house.  That wound up giving us extra time before she started her first day.  

TT and Daddy

We had plenty of time before the bus arrived and Tesla loves to take pictures.  Here are a few of her snapshots.

Mom sitting on Dad's truck waiting for the bus



Momma and Dale


At Tesla's request, Mom and Dad

Everyone was bright and cheery and there were no first day of school issues among the adults.  All the kids were dressed so cute, I should have snapped a picture of all the kids at the bus stop.
Finally the bus arrived!

Marching Munchkins



And she's off

 Tesla’s first day of school was smooth and trouble-free, other than a fallen tree.  I sincerely hope some type of agreement can be worked out between her father and I concerning custody until the divorce is final.  I was thrilled to see her off to school and told John I appreciated being there and no drama.
Court today at 1:30….stayed tuned.
The wheels on the bus go round and round,


  1. Glad to see it went off without a hitch..

  2. She looked happy. Glad all went well. Good luck at court keep me posted

    • Court was really uneventful and a two day custody trial is scheduled for the end of October. Picking Tess up after school was a complete disaster. I just don’t get all the drama.

      • People who have a need to control everything in their environment create drama in order to steer or direct the control mechanisms to each incident.

  3. Anonymous says:

    5pm pick up…no drama there?

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