Downhill Day

Tesla getting on the bus was the highlight of my day, from there it went downhill.

Court didn’t amount too much.  John’s lawyers (two today) basically said he should get custody because I have had to move so many times since John decided he wanted a divorce, three years ago.  They also plan to prove my blog is making John seem like a jerk.  Like my blog is to blame….

After court I tried to talk to John and Heather like adults.  I asked if we could work out some where half way to meet so I’m not doing all the picking up and dropping off of Tesla.  Gas ain’t cheap ya know?  John and Heather quickly shot that down because she leaves for school at 6:30 AM and John has to be home to get her kids on the bus.  What the heck does that have to do with John and I and our child?  He can’t work out a schedule with me concerning Tesla because the woman he moved in has four kids and now he is responsible for getting them on the bus?!  She had the nerve to say to me “well it’s not our fault you couldn’t get an apartment in Eastern.”  EXCUSE ME?! 

I told John I wanted to pick up Tesla after the bus comes because I didn’t want to drive all the way home, turn around and drive back to Windsor.  I parked my car in the grass to wait for the bus and he came up to my car.  He told me I had to leave because it would be stressful on Tesla.  I was confused….everything went so smoothly this morning and now I can’t see her get off the bus?  He ordered me to leave and “go around the corner” for 15 minutes and then I could come back after the bus drops Tesla at 3:30.  He even claimed I intentionally made Tesla uncomfortable at the Kindergarten Orientation!  

Fine!  I left because I was afraid he would call the police.  I parked up the road at the mobile home park and was reading my book.  Several busses passed and then one stopped.  I wasn’t paying attention but when I turned around Tesla was at the end of the mobile home park driveway.  I was so surprised I didn’t know what to do.  I started walking towards her, afraid she might just bolt across the street. (This was her first day on a bus)

I see Heather come up to the bus and say something to the bus driver.  I looked at Heather, not knowing what to think.  Next thing I know John is screaming at me that this is just what he was talking about because Tesla started to cry.  I did as he ordered and left the property.  I was told in the morning that the bus would stop in front of the house.  How was I supposed to know the bus driver wasn’t going to stop?!  John yelled that he is sick of my “shit” even though I had no control over the stupid bus.  There were people outside witnessing him degrading me and then he wrapped it up with “now you can’t get her until 5 PM!” 

Yes I was pissed!  So much drama and all the blame is put on me. 

But I’m the one with issues?



  1. After some consideration, you need to discuss with your lawyer that you want to take a camcorder with you when meeting him to take Tesla so that you can document the abuse that he heaps on you in front of her. It is time for you to protect yourself and gather evidence that he is not an appropriate parent for Tesla full time.

  2. [read with complete sarcasm] Way to screw up the bus stop Pattie! What were you thinking, gosh!!

  3. Wow Pattie not sure what to say…hope you have good lawyers too. I just don’t see an easy end for this anytime soon unfortunately..I just don’t see how he can say you can’t get her at a certain time if that’s your time…seems like he should have to comply with a set time. This girlfriend needs 2 mind her own biz too…

    • The exchange time is 5 PM normally but now with school (Tesla and I) I want to get her after the bus. He just has to pitch a fit about everything and doesn’t care who sees him acting this way.

  4. I was sick of that man’s shit the first day I met him. What a baby and no parent should scream at the other one in front of a child. He is a bully. Bully’s should not have children. Let him control Heather’s flock. GRRRrrrr

  5. That is utter bullsh*t! This from a man who is using his daughter as pawn to get back at her mother…If I were you I would ask your attorney to ask for a change to a public place. Also I agree with Mesh. Im sorry that you are going thru this Pattie. Keep your chin up! Luv ya girl…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Patti, girl I understand where you are coming from. Believe me!!! My husband and I have dealt with his psycho ex-wife for 5 years. We used to have 50/50, in December of this year we got full custody. This woman has done stuff to us that you would just not believe. Invest in a flip camera, that is what we have, document everything and don’t go anywhere around them without a witness, keep a journal and write down everything. We do not verbally communicate with her about anything, it is all done by email. That is what sank her when we went back to court. Good luck!

    • Thank you….I write down everything. I don’t always write it in my blog though. There are days when I just beat myself up for ever getting involved with this man. Thank God for Tesla or it would not have been worth it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    court ordered 5pm pick up…follow the rules then you will not have this drama

  8. Anonymous says:

    There are other transportation options for school, such as another bus stop or car rider.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Do you have custody during the week? If she is sleeping at your house more than 51% of the time during school then she should be enrolled where you live. Also make sure that Heather is not on the list at the school as someone who can pick her up if something happens…..remember she is just a tenant at the residence, she has no legal standing with your daughters education, health or activities. Until or if she ever becomes a step parent those rights are still not hers either. Since the mortgage is still in your name you can request from PA housing that she as a tenant must pay rent with a lease that needs to be split equally being the mortgagees. I will write more later on some more legal issues that you maybe want to bring up to your lawyer. Best of luck and whatever you need help on let me know thru here.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I know you said you have 50/50 but is Tesla sleeping at your house monday thru friday? if she is thrn she should be attending school frim your residence otherwise he is falsyfing (not sure on spelling) her legal residence to the school and the courts can order that she enroll in your township and then he can pick her up at 5 and bring her home by say 8. Remember no matter how good or bad a lawyer is it is you the court wants to hear from and you can request a closed parental hearing wothout lawyers or John if you feel you are getting the short end of the stick. Please point out to them that Tesla should not have to be a pawn in this divorce and that you have a good head on your shoulders and that all you want is what is best for her….i am sure you already have but no way no how should you be penalized because he left you high and dry. Also remember the business is in both your names and you should be pulling a minimum of 25% of the gross income as a owner. You can file to have an audit done on his personal and business records by the state and he will never to furnish everything and the will force him too along with Heathers income including welfare child support alimony and all the fun stuff because she is a contributor of the household with her 4 children. The only way they cant get her information is if you have her claimed like i stated earlier as a tenant then he will need to account for her rent as income

    • We are on a ridiculous 2-2-3 schedule. She was with me two days, then her dad for two and every other weekend. Now that she is in school at Eastern I either have to pick her up for a few hours and take her back to the house OR keep her over night and run to Windsor in the morning to drop her off for the bus. I have been keeping her over night because that’s what she wants. I never heard of a closed parental hearing, but I will look into it. Actually, I’m going to look into everything you wrote.
      Thank you!~P.

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