Hurricane Agnes 1972

The most damaging category 1 storm in history

The news is all over Hurricane Irene.  Mother natures fury has been set loose in two different ways this week, an earthquake and a hurricane.  The earthquake was a first for me.  I was outside hanging laundry and didn’t feel anything.  There were many people who did and I’m thankful there were no deaths.


The first hurricane I experienced was Hurricane Agnes in 1972.  I was two and have no memories of the actual storm that caused so much damage.  My family made home movies of the flood and took many still photos.  I would post some but they are all packed up right now.

no doubt...the 70's


Hurricane Agnes was the costliest natural disaster in the United States at that
time. Damage was estimated at $3.1 billion and 117 deaths were reported. Hardest
hit was Pennsylvania, with $2.1 billion in damages and 48 deaths, making
Hurricane Agnes the worst natural disaster ever to hit the state. The damage
over Pennsylvania was so extreme, the entire state was declared a disaster area
by President Richard Nixon.


York City

Agnes poured as much as 18 inches of rain in two days. Flooding and fires
destroyed 68,000 homes and 3,000 businesses, leaving 220,000 Pennsylvanians


In Harrisburg, Gov. Milton Shapp and first lady Muriel Shapp were rescued by
boat from the flooded governor’s mansion.

I doubt a canoe was used to rescue the governor

Its printing press nearly submerged and offices flooded, Harrisburg’s morning
newspaper, The Patriot, did not publish on June 23 for the first time since it
opened in 1854, said Dale Davenport, the editorial page editor of what is now
The Patriot-News.


No one was safe….not even Jesus’s sheep.

As Hurricane Irene passes through I pray everyone has a safe refuge.  Mother Nature is a force not to reckon with.  I believe these earthquakes and floods are signs of the end of days.  No, I don’t know when the last “day” is, no one does, but there is a last day coming.

Run between the drops,


End Note: Pictures and historical notes were taken from varies sites on the world wide web.  (The spider web that is covering the earth.)




  1. I have a whole scrapbook my mom did for me because I was too little too to rememmber this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL, in retrospect the Jesus picture is not from Agnes but it is funny none the less. Which Dover flood is that one from?

  3. Stephanie says:

    My 5 year old daughter is watching a broadcast about the flooding in Vermont from Irene. She keeps telling me that we need to get a boat! So I decided to show her what Hurricane did the most damage in PA which of course was Agnes. I was only 3 years old when it hit, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I grew up in a Mill in East Berlin that we had converted into our home. So, needless to say we were surrounded by water. The only place to go was up! The water rose way to fast. I remember watching my fisher price boat float around the staircase…I made sure to put the captain in before the water took over technically the second floor of the mill. Somewhere in my mother or fathers possession are slides which were taken from the roof of the mill during Agnes. Nothing but water…no way out! It’s scary to think about it now…It saddens me that people have died during Irene as well. We were lucky this time.

  4. My dad was a volunteer with the fire department in ’72. They spent days washing mud from the basement walls of homes with the firetruck so people could move back.

  5. your not gona die i have been trough arndew , wilma katrina and a few others i cant even remember yeah it sucks power goes out and you cant see and it gets hot in a borded up house in florida pretty quick but then its over stay in doors away from windows. and you be just fin.

  6. Well I’m from New Jersey on vacation in Florida. I msesid a killer flood which whiped out the other half of my town, the earthquake and now I’m missing the hurricane. Best thing to do is board up your windows and evacuate before they tell you to. You’ll be fine. Get your mind off of things.

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