Dear Heather III

Dear Heather,

      Now that you are giving your opinion on my life, I wanted to drop you a quick note.  You are really hung up on the fact that John and I are still married.  Well, that makes two of us.  Do you understand the reason why he is not moving forward with the divorce?  If you don’t, let me spell it out for you.


Yes, it’s all about money now.  See in Pennsylvania when two people divorce it’s 50/50.  That’s fifty percent of the assets and fifty percent of the debt.  John and I own a house and business together.  John doesn’t see it that way, but in reality, it’s true.  While the business is still up and running (amazing….I credit LaDonna for that) I don’t receive any income other than the roughly $170.00 deposited into my child support and alimony fund every other week.

I’m not remaining married to John to continue getting alimony.  That $52 a month is pathetic when you consider he just made $17,000 in payments over three months to the mortgage company.  He doesn’t want to move forward with the divorce BECAUSE he would rather just keep all our income for himself.

The most important thing in John’s life is money.  “It’s all about making the donuts” is his favorite phrase.  I never felt the need to throw around money or act like I’m better than others because our business was successful.  People drifted out of my life because they couldn’t deal with hearing the constant banter about money coming  from my husband’s mouth.

I really don’t have an issue with you Heather.  I think you need to butt out when it comes to custody and divorce because you don’t have any say in it.  I see you as just another victim to the “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  You’ll realize this one day.

Until then….baaah baaah,





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