Holy Noah’s Ark

Yard sales make my day. 

Where else can you get a bunch of toys that you would probably never buy at Walmart, dirt cheap and make your child happy at the same time?

$3 & plastic animals = happy kid

 We didn’t even have to travel far to find all these goodies.  Along with the animals, I also found a new pair of dress shoes for $1, huge container of play doh, water based paints, paint brushes, jumbo crayons and poster crayons (all for $5) and a huge box of beads and string for $1.

  Just $10 and Tesla is in heaven with her new to her toys!  Who says you can’t make kids happy cheap?!  Lunch for three on the road at McDonald’s cost more than the treasures Tesla picked out at local yard sales.

Yard sale junkies,




  1. Holy cow…bet shes loving that stuff!

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