Dear Heather


It was good to talk to you today at the top of my driveway.  You of course know I am not to drive further down to get Tesla.  I was impressed by how important it was to you for Tesla to find the heart-shaped rock she found for me, then lost.  In that 10 minutes, it was actually a relief to apologize to you if I’ve come off as an ass.  I realize on occasion I act that way.  It was just so much easier to just ignore you until you move on in your life.  But, like I was (wifey #2) …and Diane (wifey #1)….and Kelli (was gonna be wifey #3) we get that you think everything is going to be peachy keen in your life.  I’ll cross my fingers for you, but not hold my breath.  Sorry if my expectations are awfully low in any relationship John is having.  He doesn’t exactly have a great track record, if you know what I mean.

But, again I’m happy to hear all is good under the roof of my house, at least for you and John.  You and I both want to see the drama end, but it could take a while.  This divorce just isn’t going so smoothly.  Not every woman who John takes it upon himself to crash into their life ends up holding the bigger stick.  Actually, none of us have so far.  I’m getting good vibes that will change though.  I’m sure you’re happy to hear that.  The divorce will come sooner or later and everyone’s life will move on.  My guess is, not exactly the way we all would like, but it will move on.  I could have sworn I saw an engagement ring on your finger at the parenting classes.  Are you and my husband engaged?  How exciting!!

Write to you soon!

Best wishes to the future wifey #3,



  1. I hope all goes well! Keep me updated! I have been in polygamist and polyamourous relationships up until the year 2000. I am so glad to have met you and made you my friend. (HUGS)

  2. Your...umm friend says:

    I guess like you fucked your first husband, your second is screwing you. You both suck and shouldnt be parents.

    • Your..umm friend….is that directed at me, meaning my first husband Gary? and now John is screwing me? And I shouldn’t have my three beautiful children? Not clear on your comment, umm friend.

  3. I can’t wait to read about the engagement party you and wifey one will throw……

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